The 21st Century is the century of technology, science, and the modern generation. In this Era, we need everything at our fingertips. We are fully dependent on medicine and medical science for our Home health care services ca needs.

If we get sick, we take any Medicine without notice about its adverse effects. Everybody knows that this Medicine is made from different types of chemicals, but we just want short term results, we don’t care about long term side effects.

There are many diseases caused by medicine side-effects such as Asthma, Heart attack, mental disability, etc. But there is always one solution to every problem. Health care services in Canada provide a natural solution for any kind of health problem.

According to the report of ADRCanada (2018), There is an estimated 200,000 severe Adverse Drugs Reaction in Canada each year. Though it is estimated that 95% of ADRs are not reported. They cost the Canadian healthcare system between $13.7 and $17.7 billion each year and kill up to 22,000 Canadians each year.

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All medicines can cause both mental and physical side effects, it doesn’t matter if it’s prescribed or non-prescribed. For example, clozapine (Clozaril®) poses a risk of lowering immune system function, valproate (Depakene®, Depakote®) has a risk of causing liver damage and lithium has a risk of decreasing kidney function. (Adverse Drug Reaction Canada”).

God gave us a beautiful gift, ”THE GIFT OF NATURE”. So why not use this gift as a natural cure and this is a very easy and affordable way to be healthy. Some people can not afford expensive medicine so for them this is the best option. Senior home health care services Canada provide a healthy diet required.

There is much ayurvedic and natural medicine available in the market, but among all of that fruits and vegetables are playing a vital role in our health so, its important to eat them every day.”An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Fruits and vegetables are a source of lots of nutrition and vitamins so there is one solution hidden in nature for every disease.

Our ancestors left behind for us a healthy solution to replace medicine like meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda. Blood donation is also beneficial for health and of course blood donation is the most important part of helping to save a life so we can get double benefits.

Here at ASK4Care Support Services Inc., we organize blood drives every year through blood donation camps one blood donation could help up to three patients.

To sum up, the natural way has brought plenty of positives effects, so once the individual maintains this nutritious diet, the potential cause of having any disorder would be rare.

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