Being diagnose with Diabetes in middle age may see your life spiral out of control. It may lead to depression, anxiety, multiple mood disorders not to mention dietary restrictions. That you have never had to think about in the past and if it is, then need to resolve with personal care assistant provider.

This is a brief account of how my dad coped with this disease. Since its onset in his mid to late forties until today.

My dad is one of the fittest people I have known. This is not something I am saying, anyone that knew him in his prime wouldn’t hesitate to say the same. My dad is also one of the most positive, strong-willed and determined people I have ever known. I believe this strong will is the driving force that helped him achieve so much in life.

He is one of the most decorated athletes in Pakistan. And he has competed in National and International competitions winning 15 Gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze medals. Not to mention several cups and trophies that line our mantles at our family residence.

My dad has also held the Pakistan Record in Shot-put and Discus throw for over 15years.

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