@ASK4CARE our mandate is clear and concise:

We are driven to deliver the best of the best to our community – so that the families lives, we touch understand our passion and unrelenting commitment to service excellence – this is what we strive for each day and this vision is visible in our actions and fortified by our vision

Our proud history

We have between us over 50 years of full-cycle Healthcare Recruitment and Staffing experience, including customer service excellence awards spanning several countries and continents in diverse and highly competitive markets. Like you, we share the same trials and tribulations of navigating a complex health care system while trying to acquire the best care and support for a loved one.The system isn’t “easy,” and you hear horror stories about how loved ones are mistreated all the time:

At ASK4CARE, we enforce a zero-tolerance policy against any form of Abuse/Neglect to a loved one.

We have analyzed, strategized and deliberated until we came up with a solution that works for every community member both efficiently and effectively.

Our solution for you: “a professionally trained and certified care provider @hourly rate with a competitive lowest price guarantee and a price-match guarantee” that’s literally it – we do all the leg work for you from the get-go so you can spend quality time with your loved one!

All you have to do is tell us where and when you need a caregiver, and we will make it happen! (Call for Action: Contact Us)

ASK4CARE’s caring and professional staffs are just one phone call away and reachable 24/7 for your convenience. We’ve also given you options if you don’t have time to call, visit our website and fill out a simple intake form (online) and we’ll set up the care your loved one needs ASAP!

We work with private families and government organizations including health care claims through Auto Insurance as well as provincial and federal programs, group homes, community living, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, retirement homes, companionship, bed-side and chair side assist, supported meal programs, hourly reminders and check-ins, medication administration and recording, transportation, outings in the community and many more!

Our mission

To work relentlessly to win the hearts and minds of every community member that is in need of support by providing top notch care that exceeds the expectations of our valued clientele throughout North America while maintaining the goals, vision and values of our stakeholders.

Our vision

To emerge as the most trusted, reliable, efficient and cost – effective provider of healthcare support services throughout North America.

Our vision

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Cultural diversity
  • Tolerance
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • Accuracy

Our support team

Joyce S

Joyce S

Joyce has a solid back ground in the developmental sector, especially working with individuals with special needs. She is a certified DSW(Developmental Support Worker).

Joyce is caring, compassionate and well respected among her colleagues and managers alike. She is a team player with a winning attitude.

Before joining ASK4CARE She has worked with leading organisations that include Elves Special Needs Society, Christian Horizons, Freedom Support Services and Entrust Adult Inc.

Jubi C

Jubi C

Jubi is a seasoned healthcare professional and has also served as a chaplain in a hospital.

He is friendly, compassionate, competent and spiritual and brings with him a diverse skill-set.

Before joining ASK4CARE Jubi has worked at Redemption, Yonge St Mission, Christian Horizons, Heart House Hospice.

Sophia jabola

Sophia jabola

One of our more experienced and certified award-winning staff. A bright personality and always gets maximum client praise.

Mike M.

Mike M.

Mike is a recent graduate from the social service worker program and wants to contribute to the community by giving back what his education and experiences in his practicum have taught him.

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