Medical Technologist

Ask4Care Support Services is a great place for all your medical support needs, including provision of support in a clinical laboratory setting. Medical technologists representing our organization are thoroughly trained in performing and analyzing the results of complex scientific tests on blood and body fluids. If you are looking for a place where you can either come in or ask for a medical technologist to visit you to obtain samples, Ask4Care Support Services is your best choice!
While interacting with an Ask4Care Support Services medical technologist, you will see your fear of lab-work go up in smoke – these individuals are specifically trained to handle their work according to the specific personality of the patient that they are serving, making the entire “needle” process easy for children and others who may not be too comfortable with the procedure.
Deep insight into operating, calibrating and maintaining laboratory equipment for both qualitative and quantitative analysis results in providing you with correct outcomes – in a time-efficient manner. Moreover, our medical technologists are experienced (and keep updated with) in performing automated tests using computerized instruments and automated equipment.
At Ask4Care Support Services, we deem it our duty to keep our patients comfortable by providing them with easy solutions to their medical problems. Keeping this in mind, our medical technologists are specifically trained to educate patients about different medical and laboratory procedures, before they perform them. Keeping patients aware of what to expect during a procedure is one of our main concerns. Medical technologists employed by Ask4Care Support Services make sure that they run tests and analyze results in a swift manner, and by coordinating with patients’ physicians or / and nursing attendants.
Our medical technologists are specialized in the following areas, which means that they can handle a wide array of your lab-work needs:

  • Phlebotomy
  • Cyto-technology
  • Immunohematology
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology
  • Histo-technology

Medical technologists representing Ask4Care Support Services possess:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of appropriate medical laboratory testing procedures.
  • Demonstrated expertise in laboratory equipment maintenance and calibration.
  • Deep insight into obtaining specimens from patients, placing special focus on their comfort.
  • Excellent skills in analyzing lab reports for accuracy and establishing and maintaining programs to ensure prompt lab results.

If you are looking for a complete solution to all your laboratory testing needs, Ask4Care Support Services has just the right solutions for you. We offer services of a dedicated staff of medical technologists that is trained in providing the best of facilities to registered patients.
authored by RH on Jun 1, 2017


Aiming to provide our clients with the best of health and health-related services, Ask4Care Support Services has come up with exceptional solutions to all your diet needs. Dietitians representing our facility use their training and experience to help patients understand that what they eat directly affects their lab levels – and quality of life. Our dietitians are especially trained in the planning and direction of nutritional care to patients, and providing clinical nutritional care and counseling as well.
Ask4Care Support Services is focused on ensuring that each registered patient is provided with the best of care if they enroll into our dietary program. Our team ensures that each assigned patients’ condition is assessed thoroughly, and that a correlating diet program is formulated to meet his or her specific needs. In addition to this, dietitians representing Ask4Care Support Services possess the capability to evaluate the effects of meal plans on each patient, and change them to ensure consistent efficacy.
Promoting better nutrition by educating patients and their families about the pros of good eating habits, and managing diseases through diet is our niche. Since our dietitians’ ongoing training needs are constantly met, they are aware of the latest nutritional science research and trends, and can effectively develop and implement diet plans accordingly.
Moreover, our dietitians provide patients with customized information based on their specific conditions, with special focus on assisting patients with management of chronic diseases and conditions. Also, our dietitians go the extra mile to advise patients and families on sanitation, safety procedures associated with food preparation, and menu development to make the process easy.
Once you register with Ask4Care Support Services, you can say goodbye to all your diet-related woes. Some of the main areas that our dietitians are well-versed in include:

  • Collaborating with providers to identify and connect with patients in need of nutritional counseling.
  • Creating and implementing core diet treatment plans, and effectively communicating with patients to ensure program compliance.
  • Performing detailed research and recommending ways to expand and improve nutrition programs to ensure their efficacy.
  • Performing nutritional assessments of registered patients and providing inpatient discharge diet instructions.
  • Effectively collaborating with nursing and medical staff members to deliver quality nutrition care.

If you are looking for a complete solution to handling your diet with special focus on you as an individual, Ask4Care Support Services has just the right solutions for you. Not only do we provide customized diet plans to our patients, we also counsel them on the basic rules of good nutrition and healthy eating habits, making the entire process easy to navigate and fun too!
authored by RH on May 13, 2017

Exercise, Diet and Nutrition 

Ask4Care Support Services Inc. takes food and nutrition very seriously, regardless of the age of clients that it caters to. Knowing the importance of good nutrition, especially for children and seniors, we offer the services of our nutrition experts, who possess demonstrated expertise in evaluating each clients’ specific needs, and then creating and implementing correlating nutritional plans.
It is an established fact that a healthy lifestyle boosts both your mental and physical health. Focusing on providing senior clients with solutions so that their daily food intake fights illness causing conditions and diseases, keeps their weight in order, reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and hypertension, and minimizes bone loss, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is definitely your best choice when looking for a healthy solution to your everyday nutritional problems. Some of the areas that the facility focuses on as far as exercise, diet and nutrition are concerned include:
Long and Strong Life: Ask4Care Support Services Inc. know exactly how to ensure that the quality of your life remains high, especially when you are most susceptible to problems associated with old age.
Mind Sharpening: Ask4Care Support Services Inc, we make sure that our clients’ health status are properly evaluated, so that corresponding diet and nutrition plans can be formulated, aiming to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related conditions.
Mental Health Improvement: A good diet automatically translates into lower mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, the symptoms of which can be easily managed through well-developed nutritional plans charted out by Ask4Care Support Services Inc.
Ease of Mobility: As we grow older, our body can give us many warning signs that may eventually end up in lack of physical flexibility. Recognizing these signs in our clients, and developing and implementing correlating exercise plans to meet their specific mobility needs, is one of the greatest strengths of dietitians, nutritionists and trainers at Ask4Care Support Services Inc.
At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., we firmly believe that fast weight loss is not healthy. Instead of focusing on creating diet plans to assist weight loss, we help our clients make wise food choices, train them in watching their portion sizes, and provide insight into the different (and fun) ways of staying active. Furthermore, our experts delve deep into our clients’ physical problems, such as trouble swallowing, chewing or biting, making sure that they create diet plans that are rich in required nutrients, but aren’t hard to chew or swallow….all this while strictly following the Canadian Food Guide.
Ensuring that our senior clients are constantly motivated to prepare food items (without it seeming like a boring chore) that are easy and healthy, and teaching them how to get the best nutrition for their money is our experts’ feat. Try us!
authored by RH on Mar 28, 2017

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

It is estimated that at least 44 million people are living with dementia-related diseases worldwide. In Canada, over 747,000 people fight the daily struggle of living a life with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related conditions. Diagnosis of any dementia-related condition is a life-changing milestone not just for patients, but also for the people who love them. To make sure that no one has to face Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia alone, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. offers the services of trained caregivers, who understand that people suffering from these conditions do not need to be grounded in reality.
Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is an organization that focuses on training caregivers to think and act objectively when looking after patients with dementia. While reason and rationality is a given in the medical world, or those associated with it, our caregivers understand that being reasonable and logical in such cases will only lead to further frustration at the patients’ end. Bringing this forward, our specialist caregivers concentrate on setting a positive mood for interaction, asking simple, answerable questions, listening with not just their ears but eyes and heart too, and breaking down all activities into a series of steps for the ease of assigned patients.
One of the most common symptom of any dementia-related disease is feeling upset and agitated at small things – things that other people take with a pinch of salt. Caregivers representing Ask4Care Support Services Inc. make sure that when the going gets tough, they distract and redirect patients, so that such situations are at least temporarily defused. Responding with affection and reassurance is our tool to ward off the feeling of confusion, anxiety and uncertainty at the patients’ end, without commenting on their perception of life. The main idea behind the services that our specialist caregivers provide is not to change the person who is already going through a lot of physical and mental change, but to accommodate his or her behavior instead of controlling it.
Caregivers trained by Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are also qualified to comprehend if there are underlying medical reasons such as pain or adverse reaction of a medicine that may have resulted in a certain negative reaction. Completely understanding that each behavior has a purpose (even if the purpose cannot be communicated by the patient), our caregivers strive hard to determine and understand that the patient might be trying to communicate a need or a want.
If a loved one is going through this often excruciating stage of their life, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. can help in preparing you for the road ahead, saving you from the burnout that is often a product of caring for a person with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related conditions, while ensuring the mental and physical comfort of your loved ones.
authored by RH on Mar 13, 2017

STATS CAN: Persons aged 65 years and older out number children 0 to 14 years

On July 1, 2015, preliminary estimates show that, for the first time, there were more persons aged 65 years and older in Canada than children aged 0 to 14 years. Nearly one in six Canadians (16.1%)—a record 5,780,900 Canadians—was at least 65 years old, compared with 5,749,400 children aged 0 to 14 years (16.0%).
According to the most recent population projections (see the note to readers), the share of persons aged 65 years and older will continue to increase and should account for 20.1% of the population on July 1, 2024, while the share of children aged 0 to 14 years should account for 16.3%.

Chart 3 

Population aged 0 to 14 years and 65 years and older, as of July 1, 1995 to 2035, Canada

Baby boomers accelerate Canada’s population aging

In 2014/2015, the growth rate of the population aged 65 years and older was 3.5%, approximately four times the growth rate of the total population.
The annual growth rate of this age group has accelerated since 2011, when the first members of the baby boom generation (persons born between 1946 and 1965) turned 65. On July 1, 2015, 18.2% of baby boomers were aged 65 years and older.

Companionship and Bedside Assist

Being unwell is an uncomfortable state of existence. And no one understands this better than Ask4Care Support Services Inc., an organization that has gone to great lengths to make sure that you are not lonely or unable to look after your personal needs when you are down.
Our trained companions / bedside assistants make sure that they handle all your personal needs, including bathing, toileting, washing and grooming, while ensuring maintenance of dignity and comfort.
Whether it is companionship that you or a loved one craves, or the need for constant personal care, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is at your service. Matching the right caregiver to meet the specific requirements of each client is our niche. It does not matter what age group our clients fall in – if you need bedside assistance, company or help with mobility, we are here to serve you, no matter how old or young you are. Ask4Care Support Services Inc. boasts of trained care providers who are well-versed in the following areas:

Personal Care

  • Providing sponge or bed bathing assistance, along with helping with showers and regular baths.
  • Assisting with personal hygiene care such as changing, toileting, teeth brushing and shaving.
  • Providing support in getting dressed, applying make-up and handling nail and skin care activities.
  • Checking and recording vital signs on a regular basis, and providing medication reminders.


  • Providing assistance with bedside commodes and urinals.
  • Handling incontinence issues, while maintaining clients’ dignity.
  • Emptying and resetting colostomy bags and catheters.


  • Preparing whole meals and snack according to the specific nutritional plan of each client.
  • Assisting in feeding clients, placing special focus on encouraging allowed food and beverages, and restricting ones that are not part of the diet plan.


  • Providing assistance to clients in walking, and with light exercises.
  • Turning positions in beds, and transferring from beds to wheelchairs and vice versa.

Support Services

  • Performing housework such as doing laundry and washing dishes.
  • Maintaining home cleanliness, placing special focus on ensuring that clients’ surroundings are safe at all times.
  • Turning and making beds according to the specific instructions of each client.
  • Handling oxygen tanks, according to specifics detailed in the care plan.


  • Accompanying clients on walks, to the doctor and at recreational activities.
  • Assisting clients with grocery (and other) shopping, and run errands (such as paying bills) for them.

Acquiring the services of Ask4Care Support Services Inc. automatically translates into peace of mind. Whether these services are for you or a loved one, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that they will be provided according to your specific instructions, and those of your doctor.
authored by RH Mar 3, 2017

Physiotherapy Assistant

Ask4Care Support Services Inc. endeavors to provide its clients with the best possible services, whether they are direct, or indirect in nature. One such service that we are proud to offer is that of our very talented and extremely well-trained physiotherapy assistants.
Each PTA (physiotherapy assistant) employed by Ask4Care Support Services Inc. undergoes a thorough training programs to help him or her understand how to teach clients to effectively cope with limitations, where movement and daily functionality are concerned.
Our physiotherapy assistants possess demonstrated expertise in the following areas:

  • Effectively providing clinical care for assigned clients.
  • Ascertaining that both clients and their families are properly educated and provided support to address their physical, emotional and self-care needs.
  • Efficiently participating in physiotherapy program planning, placing special focus on clients’ individual needs.
  • Ensuring that clients receive dedicated, one-on-one assistance with walking, transfers and safe mobility.
  • Monitoring and reporting to changes in health status to the physiotherapist or presiding doctor.

At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., we understand completely how difficult it is to see your loved one go through a patch in life when their physical mobility is compromised. Keeping this in mind, our physiotherapy programs are planned in tandem with the specific requirements of each client – and our physiotherapy assistants make sure that these plans are brought forward, bearing the comfort and wellbeing of assigned clients.
Obtaining services of a physiotherapy assistant trained by Ask4Care Support Services Inc. means that you will be privy to the following accountabilities:

Respecting Client Autonomy

  • Ensuring that clients’ consent is obtained prior to performing assigned tasks, as detailed in the individual therapy program.
  • Respecting each client’s unique mixture of characteristics, which may include age, gender and ethnic origin.
  • Placing special focus on protecting the clients’ dignity and right to privacy.

Demonstrating Commitment to Client Wellbeing

  • Comprehending the importance of client-centered practices.
  • Effectively promoting the role and goals of physiotherapy, including health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Recognizing clients’ needs outside of physiotherapy, and ensuring that relevant healthcare personnel are informed immediately.

Providing Client Safety in the Provision of Assigned Services

  • Effectively performing environmental risk evaluations prior to beginning an intervention session.
  • Ascertaining that physiotherapy equipment is safely operated in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Recognizing adverse reactions to interventions, and taking appropriate actions in an emergent manner.

With documented success in assisting physiotherapists in performing various components of treatment plans for clients, physiotherapy assistants at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. can be trusted completely to deliver dynamic, safe and therapeutically beneficial physical therapy to their assigned clients.
authored by RH on Feb 27, 2017

Foot Care

At ASK4CARE SUPPORT SERVICES INC. Our Foot Care treatment includes a relaxing foot soak, a full foot assessment, trimming and filing of the toenails and a moisturizing foot rub by a nurse certified in Advanced Foot Care. Your Foot Care nurse will bring all the necessary equipment with her to your home; all you will need is a comfortable place to sit. Our Certified Foot Care Nurse is experienced in the removal of ingrown toenails, calluses and corns as well as treatment of fungal nails.

Calluses (wiki)

Our Foot Care treatment includes a relaxing foot soak, a full foot assessment and referral if necessary, trimming and filing of the toenails and a moisturizing foot rub. Our Certified Foot Care Nurse is experienced at the removal of ingrown toenails, calluses and corns as well as treatment of fungal nails. If you are experiencing any common or uncommon foot problems, call today to set up your appointment!

Corns (wiki)

When a callus develops a mass of dead cells in its center, it becomes a corn (heloma). Corns generally occur on the toes and balls of the feet. Calluses occur on the feet, hands, and any other part of the skin where friction is present. Corns, although very small, can be very painful. Removal of a corn should be performed by a professional in order to reduce the risk of infection and injury to the foot. Melody is a trained Certified Foot Care Nurse who can assist you to remove your corns and help you on your way to a pain-free life!

Fungal Nails (wiki)

foot-care at housecallsNo one knows where a specific person picks up the fungus that leads to fungal nails, as it is everywhere! However, since the fungus does thrive in warm, moist areas (like sweaty feet) there are certain areas one should avoid or use with caution. Shower floors, locker rooms, and swimming pools are the most commonly suspected sources. Nail polish and acrylic nails also make nails less “breatheable” and make the nail more susceptible to fungal infection. Fungi are everywhere – in the air, in the dust, and the soil! Avoiding tight, non-breathing shoes and steering clear of athletic floors may be the best prevention available. Daily washing of the feet and drying between the toes can also help to prevent nail fungus.
Once you have contracted a fungal infection on any of your toenails, it can be very difficult to get rid of and it also makes taking care of your toenails very difficult. A Certified Foot Care Nurse can assist you in reducing nail fungus as well as provide helpful tips to treat it.

Diabetic Foot Care

Individuals with Diabetes often have trouble with their feet. This is in part due to the loss of feeling in the feet that makes it difficult to tell if there is a blister or sore present. If these wounds on the feet are not taken care of, they can develop into ulcers. Left unattended, ulcers become infected and in some cases result in amputation. This is why it is so important for persons with Diabetes to have regular foot care performed by a professional.


  • Wash your feet every day with lukewarm (not hot) water and mild soap.
  • Dry your feet well, especially between the toes. Use a soft towel and pat gently; don’t rub.
  • Keep the skin of your feet smooth by applying a cream or lanolin lotion, especially on the heels. If the skin is cracked, talk to your doctor about how to treat it.
  • Keep your feet dry by dusting them with non-medicated powder before putting on shoes, socks or stockings.
  • Check your feet every day. You may need a mirror to look at the bottoms of your feet. Call your doctor if you have redness, swelling, pain that doesn’t go away, numbness or tingling in any part of your foot.
  • Don’t treat calluses, corns or bunions without talking to your doctor first.
  • Cut toenails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails. It might help to soak your toenails in warm water to soften them before you cut them. File the edges of your toenails carefully.
  • Don’t let your feet get too hot or too cold.
  • Don’t go barefoot.

Ingrown Toenails

Often, as we age, several inconvenient things happen which affect our ability to trim our own toenails. Poor eyesight, limited mobility or flexibility are just a few of the challenges that many of our clients face. Therefore, a very common service we offer is the trimming and filing of toenails, and fingernails on request. Relax with a warm foot bath and allow our Certified Foot Care Nurse to tend to your toenails.

Common and Uncommon Foot Problems

Our feet are our foundation of living. Unfortunately, we often forget to take good care of our feet. Whether you have Diabetes, fungal nails, ingrown toenails, calluses or corns, our Certified Foot Care Nurse will be able to assist you and bring you some relief.

Respite Caregivers

We strongly believe that “You” yourself are the best caregiver for a family member, who may require round the clock emotional and physical assistance to get through the day. Since you understand what your loved ones need the most, and have the capacity to give them what they will easily accept, there is no one better than you to do the job.
However, it is not possible for one human being to go through this emotionally and physically challenging process, day in and day out. You too will need to be relieved now and then so that you can recharge your batteries, and come back with a bang!
This is where Ask4Care Support Services Inc. steps in. We have trained our respite caregivers in a manner that allows you to feel free to: work, travel or take that much-needed break, comfortable in the thought that your loved one is being looked after by an expert caregiver.
Since constant care giving can take a mental and physical toll on family caregivers, it is best to seek help before you burn out. Our respite caregivers make sure that they provide the best care to your loved ones, by first comprehending in detail what it is that your loved ones require, and then ensuring that they receive exactly the type and standard of care that they expect and deserve.
Respite caregivers representing Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are specifically trained in handling your loved ones on both physical and emotional levels. Providing stimulation, recreation and companionship to your family members are prime focuses of our respite caregivers.
In addition to this, they ensure that all core medical plans are adhered to by administering medication on time, providing assistance with mobility and exercise, facilitating therapy sessions, and keeping their clients occupied enough to drive melancholy away.
To make sure that you or the caregiver whom you have assigned to look after a loved one does not burn out emotionally and physically, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. offers the services of dedicated respite caregivers, who possess demonstrated expertise in the following areas:

  • Routine Home Care: Providing assistance with or single handedly managing all household chores, including washing, cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping.
  • Intensive Comfort Care: Assisting clients with chronic diseases or conditions, and physical and mental disabilities to manage their symptoms so that they can avoid hospitalization.
  • Personal Care: Ensuring that assigned clients are provided assistance and support with daily life chores, including bathing, dressing and grooming.
  • Mobility Assistance: Ascertaining that clients’ mobility issues are handled with care and understanding, placing special focus on encouraging them to participate in recreational and community activities.

authored by RH on Feb 20, 2017

Assisted Appointment Escorts

Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is an institution that focuses highly on ensuring that even the most advanced of personal and healthcare needs of our clients, are managed with a dedicated and individualized care plan. Bringing this forward, we are now offering services of meticulously trained, assisted appointment escorts who are not only qualified to accompany their wards on doctors’ appointments and recreational activities, but are exceptionally well-versed in providing one-on-one care to them during the transit.
As a natural extension to working as a caregiver, assisted appointment escorts recruited by Ask4Care Support Services Inc. possess demonstrated expertise in convincing unwilling clients to venture outside, and counseling them to meet their appointments so that they can receive treatment on time.
For clients who may not feel too comfortable stepping out of their houses with a stranger, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. can make arrangements for their in-home caregivers (assigned by Ask4Care Support Services Inc.) to escort them to their appointments, making the whole process less cumbersome.
For retired people, staying active is extremely important to feel both useful and energized. Keeping this in mind, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. offers services of assisted appointment escorts who do not only accompany clients to doctors’ appointments but also provide companionship at recreational activities and events, and even with sports.
Our assisted appointment escorts are trained to ask the right questions from doctors (in case a family member isn’t present at the appointment), provide assistance to the client in explaining medical problems and symptoms, and record doctors’ feedback so that appropriate in-home medical services can be provided. In addition to this, assisted appointment escorts representing Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are also qualified to assist assigned clients with physical therapy sessions, chiropractic adjustments, and by providing them with physical and emotional support through each procedure that they go through.
Assisted appointment escorts representing Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are not only trained in providing services to the geriatric population. We understand that physical and mental limitations can confine people at any age, which is why we have trained our escorts to assist children, adults and the elderly with equal care, compassion and patience.
Here are some areas that our assisted appointment escorts focus on:

  • Ascertaining that clients do not relapse or disengage from health services during the very precarious time after their release from a health facility.
  • Assisting clients in making healthy choices by providing greater support of their case management goals.
  • Ensuring that clients reach their doctors’ appointments in a timely manner, along with all required documents.
  • Ensuring the physical and emotional wellbeing of each client before, during and after their appointments, or attendance at a recreational or sports event.

Authored by RH. Feb 06, 2017.

Foot Care Nurses

Feet are those parts of our bodies that get neglected the most, despite them being primarily responsible for us moving from one place to another. A part of the body that is so important, needs a little extra care. Sadly, very few people are aware of the problems associated with neglecting your feet – some of them can be irreversible. Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is an organization that recognizes this issue and offers the services of trained and experienced foot care nurses to people requiring education about foot care, or assistance with diseases or conditions associated with their feet.
Foot care nurses trained by Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are especially well-versed in assisting patients determine what is causing foot pain, and providing advanced information and support to diabetic patients, regarding effective ways of ensuring foot health. Our nurses can help you in several ways including providing information regarding the following:
Foot Anomalies: Assisting patients in understanding and dealing with a wide variety of foot irregularities, including supernumerary sesamoids, one of the most common issues in this arena.
Sweat Related Issues: Providing patents with deep understanding of foot hygiene and cleanliness, in a bid to keep bad odors and diseases at bay.
Flat Feet Support: Educating patients on how to lead a normal life by aligning their feet properly.
Foot Related Medical Problems: Assisting patients in understanding how lower backaches, headaches and indigestion can be related to poor feet health.
Nerve and Sensory Information: Ensuring that patients comprehend that there are more nerve endings per square centimeter in the foot, than in any other part of the body, and how they help us in determining our gait patterns.
Apart from problems and issues owing to insufficient foot care, foot care nurses employed by Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are especially trained in providing support and assistance to patients suffering from diabetes and other autoimmune diseases such as Raynaud’s Phenomenon, an auxiliary condition that patients suffering from System Lupus Erythematosus and Fibromyalgia often develop. Teaching and providing dedicated nursing care to patients with diseases that may have a negative impact on their feet, is one of the main areas that our foot care nurses work in.
Ask4Care Support Services Inc. employs trained nurses, who are provided with further training and insight into handling and treating a wide variety of problems associated with patients’ feet, including bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, ingrown toenails, neuromas, planter fasciitis and shin splits. Foot care nurses employed by us can help you in deciding which athletic shoes to buy, assisting in handling fungus infections, providing support through orthotics, administering cortisone injections, and assisting in surgical removal of benign growths.
Authored by RH. Feb 06, 2017.

Live-in Caregivers

At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., we know exactly how important it is for you to ensure the physical and emotional health of your loved ones. In a bid to provide support to people who may need a little extra help to run their day-to-day routines, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. has come up with a great alternative to “pushing yourself to the limit”. Our live-in caregivers provide daily support to the clients that they are assigned, including:

  • Personal care assistance, such as skin care, bathing, toileting, oral care, washing and dressing.
  • Mobility facilitation, including moving and handling transfers, and pushing wheelchairs.
  • Assistance with diet planning with special focus on menu development, food preparation and food items storage.
  • Support provision, aimed at fulfilling activities of daily life such as work, leisure and education.
  • Daily household tasks support, including grocery shopping, laundry, and dusting and sweeping.

Live-in caregivers trained by Ask4Care Support Services Inc. do not only provide assistance to assigned clients in a personal and home care capacity. In addition to these, our live-in caregivers are well-versed in the following areas:
Care Plan Development
Assessing each client’s strengths, weaknesses and limitations is one of the primary responsibility of a live-in caregiver. Once these are realized, caregivers move on to determining what their clients’ individual care needs are, and how they can be effectively met.
Medical Needs Assessment
Pain management, in accordance with a medical plan (laid out by the clients’ primary physician) is one the greatest strengths of all live-in caregivers at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. They assess their clients’ special needs, confer with their doctors and ensure that a medical plan is created, which can be administered from home.
Meal Preparation
We at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. know exactly what role good diet and nutrition plays in the physical and emotional well being of an individual. Our live-in caregivers are trained and experienced in developing nutritious meals for their clients, based on their individual dietary requirements,
Performance Monitoring
The efficacy of medical and care plans is one of the top priorities at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. Our live-in caregivers assess the effectiveness and success of both, and are highly qualified to point out any problems, or adjustments that may need consideration.
Our live-in caregivers are not mere employees – they are people who genuinely care for their clients and have an inherent will to go the extra mile to assist them. Providing companionship and counseling to their clients is their forte, aiming to encourage them to be more positive about life, resulting in fortifying their physical and mental / emotional health.
Authored by RH. Jan 30, 2017.

Mental Health Workers

Increasing stress at the workplace (and in general) has given rise to many mental health problems – most of which cannot be categorized as disease. Contrary to popular belief, mental health issues can be easily handled if appropriate intervention is ensured at the right time. At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., you can be sure that any emotional or mental health issues that either you or a family member is presently going through, will be handled by trained and experienced mental health workers, whose main concentration is on ensuring that you (and your family members) lead an emotionally healthy professional and personal life.
Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is dedicated to providing its clients with assistance in areas that are uncomfortable for them to tread. The main idea behind training mental health workers to represent us is to make sure that you are provided with the type of help that you want, when you want it. Our mental health workers are especially trained to provide support and services to individuals and families experiencing a difficult time in coping with their individual conditions and circumstances.
Some of the areas that the mental health workers representing Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are expert in include:

Early Intervention Strategies Support and Advocacy Mental Illness in Community Participation
Prevention of Relapse Recovery Promotion Residential Rehabilitation
Home-based Outreach Centre-based Programs Clinical Support

Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is an organization that is dedicated to providing support services to deal with a number of circumstances, mental health assistance being a large part of its service package. If you are looking for a solution to handle your emotional issues (or those of a family member), this is how we can help:

  • Assist in identifying clients’ needs for treatment programs by carefully assessing their emotional and mental health.
  • Liaise with available community and medical organizations to make resources available to our clients in a time-efficient manner.
  • Assist clients in accessing funding for mental and emotional health treatment programs.
  • Create and implement individualized mental health treatment plans, based on each client’s specific requirements.
  • Assess each client on a regular basis to determine the efficacy of implemented plan.

Essentially, the mental health workers representing Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are:

  • Caring and supportive.
  • Possess exceptional communication skills.
  • Can relate to people from a wide range of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Possess exceptional patience and can exercise a high level of discretion and professionalism while engaging with clients.
  • Able to handle emergencies by taking control of situations and minimizing chances of self-harm.
  • Capable of prioritizing clients’ situations and determining how and when to tweak a certain mental health management program to meet the dynamic needs of each assigned client.

Authored by RH – Jan 23rd, 2017

Developmental Delay

The time between the birth of a child and adolescence, is crucial to the future of that particular child. Development delays is a topic that is much talked about and researched nowadays, as it has a huge impact on how the physical, emotional, social and educational future of an individual is determined. Many developmental issues are not identified until the individual is into his or her teens, making it difficult for specialists to intervene and provide assistance. However, at the mere hint of developmental delay in a child, both parents and attending pediatricians are urged to seek / advise intervention.
Ask4Care Support Services Inc. offers experienced developmental specialists, who are specifically trained in supporting children in developing skills that they will need to be successful in both social and learning environments. Some of the areas that developmental specialists representing Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are especially well-versed in include:
Ask4Care Support Services Inc. developmental specialists assess the individual needs of each child under their care, focusing especially on their limitations and special needs. Once the initial assessment is conducted, they create and implement plans for therapy and academic support, not just for the child but for families as well. Our developmental specialists focus specifically on promoting acquisition of skills necessary for children to be successful in diverse environments, building their confidence in themselves and bringing forward their inherent abilities.
Program Implementation
Developmental specialists representing Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are especially proficient in strategizing plans to implement individualized intervention programs to assist children with a wide array of developmental problems. These plans are not implemented blindly – in fact, each program module is carefully thought-out and executed, keeping in mind the individual pace of each child.
At Ask4Care Support Services Inc. firmly believe that the outcome of each plan is what decides future goals and objectives for intervention. Our specialists periodically evaluate not just the children involved in a developmental support program, but also the program itself to ensure increased efficacy.
By obtaining the services of a developmental specialist through Ask4Care Support Services Inc., your child will benefit from the following:

  • Exposure to optimal environments, aimed at providing best opportunities to grow up happy and healthy.
  • Addressing adverse experiences, targeted at limiting exposure to risk, and promoting protective factors in early years.
  • Encouraging children by providing them with support with motor skills and speech.
  • Measuring child vulnerabilities early in their lives to ensure:
    • Physical health and wellbeing.
    • Emotional stability and maturity.
    • Social competence and involvement.
    • Language and cognitive development.
    • Communication abilities and general exposure to the environment.

Authored by RH – Jan 17th, 2017

Crisis Intervention Workers

Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is an all-inclusive organization, known to fill the void between what is promised and what is delivered, where health and auxiliary services are concerned.
One of the prime areas that we work in is providing assistance to people in distress, who may end up either harming themselves or others. The crises intervention workers employed here are trained to be non-judgmental, while proactively helping our clients with their emotional issues.
Grief, loss and bereavement are areas which can have a long-lasting, often permanent effect on our lives. With so much happening in the world and our inability to cope with it, personal distress is something that is the norm. To make sure that this “norm” is managed to ensure high quality of life of people affected by feelings of despair and distress, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. offers a huge variety of services over the telephone, through crises counseling centers and humanitarian programs, created especially to meet our clients’ diverse needs.
Some of the major areas that the crises intervention workers work in at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. include:
Client Assessment
We at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. strongly believe that assessing a client’s emotional well being and limitations is key to creating a solid intervention program. Our crises intervention workers diligently conduct face to face and telephone assessments in clients’ natural settings, to decipher what their emotional needs are. Once these needs are determined, they formulate and implement an intervention plan to meet the diverse and individual needs of each client assigned to them.
Crises intervention workers trained by Ask4Care Support Services Inc. specialize in providing treatment to clients going through an emotionally challenging time. Our aim is to provide our clients with enough support so that they can regain a sense of security, and get back to their normal lives as soon as possible.
Client Advocacy
At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., we understand completely how shock and withdrawal affects people’s ability to handle everyday work, which is why we train our crises intervention workers to provide temporary forms of advocacy to clients. This may include assistance in obtaining social services, or even explaining to healthcare professionals what their specific requirements from the system are.
Through the various crises intervention programs that Ask4Care Support Services Inc. offers, our crises intervention workers can help clients in the following areas:

  • Increase awareness about PTSD and acute mental health crises, and the different ways of dealing with them.
  • Reduce instances of suicide and other forms of self-violence, and that on other people.
  • Assists veterans in recovering from post-war trauma and help integrate them into regular life.
  • Support clients by providing them with different avenues to obtain skills and knowledge to successfully navigate life’s great hardships.

Authored by RH – Jan 2nd 2017

ABI(Acquired Brain Injury) Care and Support

An estimated 16,000 Canadians sustain brain injuries every single year, a figure that is fast rising in the country. And people who have gone through a brain injury as a result of blow to the head, whiplash injuries, seizures and tumors, know how difficult it is to cope on any ordinary day.
Since most brain injuries occur in children and young adults (while they participate in sports and other recreational activities that require physical participation), it is all the more important to ensure that they are handled immediately and in a manner that is designed to improve the quality of life of the affected.
At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., we host caregivers who are especially trained in using the neuro-rehabilitation approach to support people who have acquired brain injuries.
We create and implement IRPs (individual rehabilitation programs) for our clients who may be suffering from the effects of brain injuries, including amnesia, confusion, headaches, fuzzy vision, loss of consciousness, balance issues, memory loss, sensitivity to light and / or noise and slowed reaction time.
Since all of these are important to maintain the quality of life of our clients, we make sure that each rehabilitation program is designed with easily tweakable modules to meet the dynamic needs of participants.
Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is known for its ability to match caregivers with clients by carefully charting out the expectations of the latter, and ensuring that that the former can live up to these expectations. Since each ABI poses a different set of challenges for people, our caregiver team is trained in the following areas:

  • Providing support to re-learn basic skills such as walking and speech.
  • Assisting clients with their personal needs such as toileting, grooming, bathing and dressing.
  • Handling each client’s medication so that they are administered on time and accurately.
  • Developing confidence in clients to encourage greater independence and involvement within the community.
  • Assistance with re-learning executive skills such as budgeting and scheduling that may have been clouded because of ABI.
  • Behavior management support such as handling anger issues and emotional outbursts.
  • Enhancing client’s ability to participate in vocational and regular employment positions.

It is the goal of Ask4Care Support Services Inc. to assess, create, develop and implement care plans that are designed especially to provide assistance to people with acquired brain injuries in the following areas:

  • Brain trauma, brought on by car crashes, gunshot wounds, falls and assaults.
  • Stroke – embolism, thrombosis, aneurysm.
  • Bleeding in the brain, caused by hematoma, hemorrhage or intracranial surgery.
  • Lack of oxygen, due to hypoxia, cardiac arrest, drug overdose and anoxia.

Authored by RH – Jan 2nd 2017

Behavioral Aides

Individuals with behavioral issues are often misunderstood and isolated, which makes matters even worse for people already suffering from deep-rooted problems that they need serious help with.
The behavioral aides employed by Ask4Care Support Services Inc. understand this and work tirelessly to assess clients to determine if there is a dysfunctional attribute attached to how they behave in public and private.
Assessment is not the only area that Ask4Care Support Services Inc.’s behavioral aides provide assistance with.
The term “therapy” is quite relevant here. Behavior issues are not terminal – and mostly, they are not dangerous to people. In instances that they are, our behavioral aides make sure that situations are diffused appropriately by promptly developing and implementing intervention plans.
Each behavioral aide that Ask4Care Support Services Inc. hires goes through a special screening process to ensure that he or she is fit to take up the task of providing behavioral therapy to our clients. In addition to this, a detailed and well-formulated training plan is put into action to ensure that the behavioral aides who represent us project positivity and hope.
Some of the various services that behavioral aides at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. provide include:

  • One-on-one direct behavioral intervention with both children and young adults.
  • Serving as a positive role model for all clients.
  • Providing time-structured activities and immediate behavioral reinforcements.
  • Assessing clients to determine the root cause of behavioral issues, and developing correlating behavioral treatment / management plans.
  • Applying cognitive behavioral approaches including cognitive restructuring and use of hierarchies.
  • Effectively collaborating with primary caregivers to ensure a positive environment for all clients.
  • Assisting clients in developing self-sustainability and self-directed appropriate behavior, and internalizing a sense of social responsibility.
  • Ensuring safety of all clients during implementation of therapeutic behavioral services, to ensure increased responsiveness.

At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., we understand how important behavioral management is to family life and the education system. Through implementing plans that help not just clients, but their families and educators as well, we aim to make all involved parties recognize dysfunctional behavior. Understanding the root cause of behavioral problems and setting new goals for clients is our basic aim. Taking this forward, the behavioral aides trained by Ask4Care Support Services Inc. quickly and accurately identify what clients are attempting to achieve, and then create a plan to assist them in expressing their needs in a healthy environment, as opposed to articulating them in a negative manner.
Intervention and treatment plans created, developed and implemented by Ask4Care Support Services Inc.’ team of trained behavioral aides. benefit clients and their families in the following areas:

  • Reduction in stress levels.
  • Increased concentration on structured education.
  • Peaceful family life.
  • Increased interaction within the community.

Authored by RH, Dec 26, 2016.

Early Childhood Educators

At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., we strongly believe that education for children begins the day their perceptive powers develop. Our team consists of experienced early childhood educators who are especially trained in working with children from infancy to age 12. Some of the areas where Ask4Care Support Services Inc. provides support in early childhood education include:
Not every child is the same – and not every child can reach milestones at the same time as others. Early childhood educators employed by are trained to assess each child with an open mind, in a bid to understand their specific strengths and limitations.
Care Plan Development
Developing an early childhood education program based on the individual needs of each child enrolled in the program, is Ask4Care Support Services Inc.’s forte. We create and develop programs (and program modules) to meet each child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social developmental needs – our programs are paced in accordance with all participants’ learning speeds and requirements.
Schedule Development and Routine Enforcement
Children need structure in their lives – and the early childhood educators employed at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are trained in creating and implementing programs that are designed to keep children occupied and productive. Our early childhood plans include a great balance of work and play, with special attention to instilling discipline at young ages.
Lesson Planning
Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is a great advocate of “each child should be left to bloom in his or her own way”. Taking this theory forward, our early childhood educators make sure that all lessons that they plan and develop, can be tweaked to meet the individual learning needs of each child.
Cultural and Special Needs
Respecting children’s backgrounds and conditions is one of the major priorities at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. We respect children’s and families’ wishes related to religious or cultural issues, and provide assistance to students with special needs, aiming at making them ready for the real world.
Encouraging Positive Self-concept
Setting reasonable behavior expectations, addressing behavioral problems, and providing positive guidelines, including redirecting and positive language and reinforcement are areas that Ask4Care Support Services Inc. focuses on especially. Our early childhood educators are proficient in establishing behavioral plans and checkpoints to ensure that each child under their guidance leads a structured and disciplined childhood – and one that is not without the wonders of this age!
Health and Safety
Once you register your child in an early childhood program led by an early childhood educator from Ask4Care Support Services Inc., you can be sure that he or she will be safe. Monitoring the environment for hazards, ensuring that any hazardous situations are diffused immediately, providing immediate care in case of emergencies or injuries, and acquiring constant updates on children’s allergies or / and other special conditions is considered top priority here.
authored by RH on Dec 18, 2016

Registered Practical Nurses

Delivery of exceptional nursing care at home is not a myth – Ask4Care Support Services Inc. makes sure of that. Acknowledging the fact that patients’ personal and nursing needs must be met in order to ensure their physical and emotional well being, we at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. make it a point to train our nurses well, so that they can provide required medical care in accordance with established nursing plans and practices.
But in-home nursing services is not all that Ask4Care Support Services Inc. provides. With a huge bank of professionally trained registered practical nurses, who are proficient in providing assistance to patients in hospitals, residences, assisted living facilities, and community group homes, our registered practical nurses (RPNs) combine their nursing skills, knowledge and judgement to provide expertise in various sectors of healthcare. This means that whatever your requirements for nursing services are (and wherever), our RPNs are ready to meet them. Here is an overview of the type of services that our registered practical nurses can provide you with:

  • Promote general health maintenance by applying current knowledge of patient conditions, gerontological principles and associated nursing care.
  • Provide ongoing evaluation for patients’ health status, aimed at determining efficacy of implemented care plans.
  • Identify risk indicators and report concerns to presiding doctor or nurse manager.
  • Ensure that the daily personal needs of all assigned patients are met with careful regard to the dignity of each patient.
  • Educate patients and their families on matters concerning health maintenance, medicine administration and general well being.
  • Provide emergency services such as CPR and First Aid, in accordance to established protocols and procedures.

Some of the areas that our registered practical nurses are specifically trained in include:

Patient Monitoring Care Plan Development and Implementation Personal Care Support
Medicine Administration Restorative Care Palliative Care
Emergency Management Chronic Disease Support Patient and Family Counseling

Acquiring the services of a registered practical nurse through Ask4Care Support Services Inc. means that you can sit back and relax while dedicated nursing professionals look after the nursing needs of your loved ones. In addition to providing medical assistance, our RPNs are especially trained in counseling patients and their families so that they can cope with their conditions, thereby promoting quick healing. Furthermore, our RPNs are trained in encouraging patients to actively participate in individualized therapy programs and recreational activities – all aimed at promote recovery and strength-building. Whether you need assistance with an infant, or in end of life situations, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is your best bet.
Authored by RH December 5th

Combating Addiction Problems

It is not just high stress levels that have given birth to a rise in drug abuse in Canada. There are many other factors that have helped in spreading this epidemic in the country, including peer pressure, entertainment, unintentional hooking up on prescribed drugs, weight loss, and chasing the high that users once experienced. The statistics are shocking:

  • 47,000 deaths in Canada have been attributed to substance abuse.
  • 23% of students in Ontario report that they have either been offered, or given some sort of banned substance in school.
  • 42% of students in Ontario admit to using an illegal substance at some point in their lives.
  • 49% of grade 12 students admit to binge drinking.

Ask4Care Support Services Inc. has been diligently working towards resolving issues that stem from drug abuse by offering services of dedicated addictions workers, who are trained in providing counseling to patients dependent on illegal drugs. Meeting with patients to evaluate their specific health and substance abuse problems, identifying issues and creating goals and effective treatment plans, and teaching them coping mechanisms so that they can lead a normal life are just some of the many services that Ask4Care Support Services Inc.’s addictions workers provide.

Since substance abuse is such a vicious circle, there is a lot of uncertainty associated with its treatment. Ask4Care Support Services Inc. helps you identify your specific requirements and offers support in terms of obtaining assistance from CCAC (Community Care Access Centre). Some of the major areas that our addictions workers can help you and / or your loved ones include:

Coping Strategies
At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., we believe that the first step towards complete recovery is acceptance. Our addictions workers are especially trained in strategizing plans to help you come to terms with your or your loved ones’ substance abuse problems.
Utilizing deep comprehension of a variety of therapeutic models and theories to determine and plan intervention strategies is one of the major strengths of addictions workers representing Ask4Care Support Services Inc.
Evidence-based Intervention
Monitoring each patient’s condition closely and making changes to the therapeutic approach based on his or her response to treatment is an area that Ask4Care Support Services Inc. specifically excels in.
Education and Support
We at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. believe that the success of every treatment plan begins with education. Providing education to patients to help them understand the gravity of their situation, and assisting family members in appreciating their loved ones’ struggles is our forte.
Agency Support
At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., we know that it is not always possible for people (or their families) going through drug abuse crises to reach out to different organizations for help. Our addictions workers and support staff members are well-versed in coordinating efforts with local agencies and organizations (such as CCAC) to expedite treatment for each patient on a priority basis.
authored by RH on Dec 5, 2016

Support Provision for Individuals with Down’s Syndrome

Down Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes specific learning disabilities and characteristic physical features in people suffering from it, is a condition not too well understood by people at large. A child born with Down Syndrome leads quite a challenging life – most people do not understand their predicament, and it can become difficult for them to become contributory factors of the society that they represent.
As one of the most common congenital anomalies worldwide, this condition occurs approximately 1 in 800 births. Physical features and learning disabilities are not the only two limitations of this condition – most people born with this are prone to congenital heart and gastrointestinal defects.
At Ask4Care Support Services Inc. we take the plight of people suffering from Down’s Syndrome quite seriously. Offering an excellent support system to meet their needs, we boast of a range of services and support staff members especially trained and dedicated to working towards making things easier for people suffering from this condition – both physically and emotionally. At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., we focus on the problem to make sure that viable solutions are derived and implemented, based on individual assessments.
Assisting children and adults with Down Syndrome in developing into healthy individuals who can achieve the right level of independence is the main goal of the support service workers at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. A major part of what we do is help families determine the type of Down Syndrome their child has – there are 3 types including:
Trisomy 21
A large percentage (95%) of people with Down Syndrome have Trisomy 21, which is occurrence of 3 types of chromosomes 21, instead of 2.
3% of people with Down Syndrome have a translocation pattern, where a part of chromosome 21 attaches itself to another chromosome.
2% of people with Down Syndrome have a mosaicism pattern, which results in some cells possessing 3 copies of chromosome 21 instead of the usual 2.
Some of the main areas where Ask4Care Support Services Inc. can effectively provide assistance include:

  • Access to good healthcare, by integrating the services of specialists in the field.
  • Early intervention program development and implementation, aimed at providing support to both children and family members.
  • Support provision to instill good parenting skills, and to train parents how to lead an ordinary family life.
  • Individualized educational programs to help families, friends and parents form support groups.
  • Development and implementation of RLI (Reading and Language Intervention) for children with Down Syndrome.

At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., we deem it imperative to provide constant care to children with Down Syndrome. Providing support in the form of constant care, education and follow-up is our niche – we strive to ensure that people with Down Syndrome:

  • Can look forward to a long and emotionally fulfilling life.
  • Can achieve mainstream academic goals.
  • Can maintain their individuality by focusing on their specific skills and talents.

authored by RH on Nov 28, 2016

In-home Healthcare

Owing to an increase in the number of patients opting for good quality in-home healthcare services, the demand of good professionals in this area has increased too. In accordance with the directives of CCAC (Community Care Access Centre),  Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is offering a multitude of services to see to your loved one’s in-home care needs.
While the concept of residential and in-home care service provision is an old one, it is only in the past decade or so that it is being built  upon. Keeping this in mind, and the fact that patients requiring healthcare services at their homes have as much right to quality healthcare as those in dedicated medical facilities,  Ask4Care Support Services Inc. has been diligently working towards making high quality homecare possible for patients falling in all categories including pediatric, geriatric, adult and special needs.
Some of the areas where Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is well-versed in include:
Personal Support Care
Providing exceptional personal care to patients limited by their diseases or / and conditions is our niche. Our personal support workers are trained in diligently assisting patients to handle their personal needs, including toileting, grooming, washing and bathing, while maintaining the dignity of individuals supported.
Special Needs Assistance
At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., special needs care is an area that we are constantly improving upon. Our counselors are especially trained in providing both counseling and support services to their wards, with a view to help them integrate or reintegrate into society, as confident and contributory members.
Nursing Assistance
Ask4Care Support Services Inc. understands the limitations of patients and family members as far as nursing care is concerned. The good news is that nursing care is now not only limited to hospitals and medical facilities. Our trained nursing staff can assist you with medication administration, including handling IVs, and providing dedicated general nursing services round the clock.
Medical Appointments Escort Services
 The busy lives that most of us lead, make it an emotional turmoil for us when we are faced with the decision to escort our loved ones to their hospital appointments, or earn a living for them. In the event of a schedule clash, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. provides you with trained escorts who will not only accompany your loved ones to their appointments, but also provide emotional and physical assistance throughout.
Live-in Caregivers
There is no better feeling than knowing that the people you love are being well taken care of by professional and compassionate caregivers. Our live-in caregivers are especially trained in handling patients’ specific needs, including hygiene, nursing care, nutritional support, physiotherapy assistance, and counseling requirements.
Companionship and Bedside Assist
Ask4Care Support Services Inc. firmly believe that a personal touch is always important. Our support service staff is thoroughly trained in providing exceptionally well-placed companionship and bedside assistance to patients who may have difficulty getting around on their own. Providing both healthcare and non-medical care is our niche, and we are in constant training mode to ensure that the level of service remains consistently high quality.
authored by RH Nov 22, 2016

Advocacy for Terminally Ill Patients

Whether it is special needs care, home healthcare or end of life care, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is your best solution. Wholly understanding the overwhelming feeling patients and families go through at the mention of a hospice, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. creates an atmosphere of hope and comfort, even when the world seems at its darkest.
Identifying the most suitable arrangements for you or your loved ones (including assisted living, health care and terminal illness support) is our niche.
We at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. focus specifically on providing advocacy for terminally ill patients, helping them become comfortable with their surroundings, and assisting them with even the smallest of details regarding their day to day care.
By concentrating on strategizing (and implementing plans) to handle pain management issues, and provide bereavement counseling and legal and financial consultations, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is your best avenue for obtaining end of life care advice. Having already established the fact that the word “hospice” creates a terrible kind of fear in people’s hearts, we at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. tackle things differently.
We Focus more on providing continuing care to terminally ill people, to maintain their quality of life, and to ensure that their outlook on life remains positive, is our forte, rather than concentrating on the outcome of a disease.
At Ask4Care Support Services Inc., it is one of our prime duties to provide advocacy to patients, by protecting their human and legal rights, and assisting in asserting these rights when the need arises. Our patient advocates are trained in the following areas, which help them in reaching out to terminally ill patients (and their families) to elicit information from them, and provide them with consolidated information to make informed decisions regarding their rights:

  • Ascertaining that patients agree to receive the required information.
  • Either have access to the information, or are aware of ways to obtain it.
  • Presenting information to patients in a manner that they can relate to it.

Patient advocacy, especially in hospices, is quite underrated. At this stage in patients’ lives, there is a great need for people to understand their predicament, and to help them in come to terms with them.
Navigating the health system at this point may not be a walk in the park. This is where Ask4Care Support Services Inc. comes in. The organization can help you with your hospice palliative care needs. Determining what you require and then coordinating with your local CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) to determine what services (and funding) can be provided to assist you in your toughest times is the general idea behind offering these services.
Patients and family members who require an intensive level of service to support them can contact Ask4Care Support Services Inc. for assessments and health placement services.
authored by RH on Nov 15, 2016

In-home Personal Care for Senior Citizens

With the number of seniors aged 65 and above projected to stand at a staggering 23.3% by the year 2036, the need for senior caregivers and facilities is high in Ontario. Quality medical care is perhaps responsible for this increases in percentage – by 2017, it is estimated that the larger share of population in Ontario will comprise of senior citizens!
In the good news department, there are many options to choose from where in-home or facility care is concerned. For those hoping to acquire support while living at home, the process is quite simple. Contacting the local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and checking if you qualify for government-funded services, is step one.
An individual case manager is assigned to each case – he or she is responsible for providing information on what CCAC can do for the senior citizen who has applied for the service, and if he or she actually qualifies for the government-funded program. The modus operandi is that the case manager will visit the applicant’s home to assess his or her health, and determine if he or she qualifies. In cases where qualification is not an issue, the case manager creates an individualized plan of care, which meets the applicant’s (now member’s) specific physical and emotional care needs. If you do not qualify, you may appeal the decision of CCAC by contacting the Ontario Health Services Appeal and Review Board (HSARB).
ASK4CARE SUPPORT SERVICES INC does complement CCAC services and steps in where extra care and support needs are required on a timely basis. At Ask4Care we have the appropriate tools and manpower in place to provide you staffing assistance on the go.
Our In-home services typically include:
Healthcare Professionals: Depending on what the program member’s specific care needs are, a home healthcare professional may be arranged to assess and provide assistance or / and care, in the following areas:

  • Nursing Care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Special Needs Assistance
  • Social Integration Assistance
  • Nutritional Support

Personal Care: For members who are unable to look after their personal needs, such as bathing, toileting, washing and grooming, personal care assistance can be acquired, by bringing onboard personal caregivers who are trained to assist in these areas, while maintaining the dignity of their wards.
Household Assistance: One of the most difficult tasks that the elderly and ailing find is household management. Homemaking services can be hired through the program to assist with handling housekeeping duties, including running errands such as paying bills, and shopping for groceries.
Palliative or EOL Care: Providing quality end of life care to a loved one is perhaps the kindest thing that you can do for them at their most difficult time. With a great majority of seniors suffering from dementia and other old age-related conditions, it becomes quite demanding on family members to provide emotional and physical assistance. By acquiring services of dedicated caregivers to provide both nursing and personal care, handling medicine administration duties, assisting with pain management, and providing respite care, you can offer your loved ones (and yourself) both comfort and a guilt-free existence.

authored by RH on Oct 15, 2016

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Special Needs Assistance

Focusing on strategizing improvements for children and youth with special needs is one of the main objectives of Ask4Care Support Services Inc. Special needs assistance is a vast field that requires much in terms of expertise, tact and professionalism. Providing timely and effective services that individuals with special needs require to participate completely at school and home, is imperative if you want to prepare them to achieve their goals for adulthood – and the real world
Special needs care is one main areas where Ask4Care Support Services excels. Successfully stepping in where special needs assistance and social integration are required is our forte. Continuing care for individuals with special needs, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy and special nutritional support are just some of the services that we provide. For us, special needs assistance is much more than merely re-assigning responsibilities in the system of care – our focus is on improving the system of care for people with special needs specifically.

Each personal support worker that Ask4Care Support Services Inc. assigns to a person in need of supports, is well-trained in special needs care, both in hospital and in-home settings. With demonstrated expertise in following established care plans by providing physical and emotional assistance, observing and reporting behavioral changes, and ensuring dedicated care to people with special needs during field trips or with transportation to and from appointments, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is your best bet to acquire continuing care for your loved ones.

Ask4Care Support Services Inc. can quickly and accurately identify your special needs care requirements, and explore and suggest options best suited to your specific situation – all according to the protocols of CCAC (Community Care Access Centres). To provide a wider overview of what they offer in terms of special needs care, please refer below:

  • Personal Care Services – Providing both medical and non-medical care to clients with special needs.
  • Occupational Therapy Services – Comprehensive evaluation of the clients’ home and recommendations for adaptive equipment and training.
  • Physiotherapy Services – Individualized and comprehensive programs especially formulated to help patients with physical difficulties resulting from injury, illness or disabilities.
  • Companionship – Proactively providing physical and emotional support to individuals with physical or / and emotional disabilities within a private home setting.

Whether you require a caregiver for yourself or someone you love, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is your best choice. Our main emphasis is on providing high quality care for your loved ones with special needs, backed by our trained and professional management – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

authored by RH on Oct 22, 2016


Special Needs – Community Inclusion

Changing the way people with special needs are perceived within their relative communities is one of the prime concerns at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. With a vast majority divided on the concept of inclusion – some voting for other concepts such as exclusion, segregation and integration – we, at Ask4Care Support Services Inc. focus on the simple principle that people with special needs should take part in regular activities at home and in school.
Community support for people with special needs is often quite sparse – unfortunately. Ensuring that the concept of social and educational integration is understood by the masses, and put forward so that it becomes an idea that is vastly accepted, is an area where Ask4Care Support Services Inc. excels. We concentrate on the fact that inclusion helps people adjust to their environments in a profound manner, making them contributory factors of the community.
In accordance with the CCAC (Community Care Access Centres) in Ontario, Ask4Care Support Service Inc. diligently explores the best options for you and your loved ones’ special needs assistance, specifically inclusion within the community. Children and adults with special needs have challenges that can go beyond just physical disabilities – Ask4Care Support Services Inc. focuses on creating, developing and implementing strategic plans for inclusion for people with developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, behavioral issues, and even chronic medical conditions that may limit them from becoming part of the community at large.
Some of the main areas where Ask4Care Support Services Inc.’s expertise lie include:

  • Capacity Building: Strategizing, implementing and overseeing programs and services that support both program members and their families in developing skills that they will require to become contributory elements of the community.
  • Quality and Accountability: Highlighting performance indicators that reflect the best interests of members as the fundamental outcome.
  • Coordination: In accordance with CCAC, assist members and families to navigate and avail special needs facilities through implemented programs and services by associated ministries.
  • Integration: Appropriately manage transition along life continuum in a variety of community settings, aimed at supporting seamless care and consistent support for members and their families.

Owing to the fact that social integration assistance, in sync with community support is one of the primary emphasis of Ask4Care Support Services Inc., the facility has been highly successful in providing complex care, support and programming to people with special needs, with exceptional focus on implementing core inclusion programs, aimed at reducing social and educational disadvantage. The goal of the facility is to create a framework in which differences between individual members are not just accommodated, but celebrated as well.
At Ask4Care we believe in celebrating diversity and ensure that acceptance to what is different is our organization’s culture.
authored by RH on Nov 07, 2016
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