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At ASK4CARE, we strongly suggest that you leave the recruitment and selection process to our professionals that thoroughly understand your frustrations while dealing with, recruiting, screening, hiring and associated costs both in time and effort. Not to mention, unprofessional and undertrained staff, multiple documentation, check lists, vetting, payroll expenses, liability and insurance, management costs, scheduling nightmares, staff no-shows, union rules & regulations and just about every possible dilemma that an organisation can face when they hire internally.

licensed, insured, and bonded caregivers

certified, trained, professional, and experienced staff

all staff certifications and licensing are current and up-to-date

up-to-date and refresher training that allows staff to work in various organizational and/or community settings in accordance with the governing ministry.

lots more based on  client-to-client or organizational specific needs


we recruit, we screen, we hire, we vet, we insure, we certify, we train, and then we re-train, we mentor, we guide, we staff, and we provide solutions to your problems. We do it all! Just for you.


Partner with Community Organisations so that we are able to provide the most competitive prices to our clients through these synergies.

Personal Care Services

Providing both medical and non-medical care to clients.

Occupational Therapy Services 

Comprehensive evaluation    of the clients’ home and recommendations for adaptive equipment and training.

Physiotherapy Services

Individualized and comprehensive programs are especially formulated to help patients with physical difficulties resulting from injury, illness or disabilities.


Proactively providing physical and emotional support to individuals with physical or/and emotional disabilities within a private home setting. Whether you need a caregiver for yourself or someone you love,

Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is your best choice. Our main emphasis is on providing high-quality care for your loved ones with special needs, backed by our trained and professional management – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

We offer following community staffing:

  • We offer the following community staffing:
  • Staff relief in hospitals
  • Staff relief in long-term care
  • Staff relief in retirement and assisted living
  • Staff relief in hospices
  • Support and care for individuals with special needs
  • Halfway house staffing
  • Remedial / Correctional Centre support
  • Foster homes staffing
  • Addiction and mental health relief staffing
Healthcare in the community

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To provide a wider overview of what they offer in terms of special needs care, please click below:

Providing specialized care

At ASK4CARE Support Services Inc., we provide the following services backed 24/7 (every day of the year) by our trained and professional management:

Special Needs Assistance

Focusing on strategizing improvements for children and youth with special needs is one of the main objectives of Ask4Care Support Services Inc. Special needs assistance is a vast field that requires much in terms of expertise, tact and professionalism. Providing timely and effective services that individuals with special needs require participating completely at school and home, is imperative if you want to prepare them to achieve their goals for adulthood – and the real world

Special needs care is one of the main areas where Ask4Care Support Services Inc. excels. Successfully stepping in where special needs assistance and social integration are required is our forte. Continuing care for individuals with special needs, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy and special nutritional support are just some of the services that we are providing. For us, special needs assistance is much more than merely re-assigning responsibilities in the system of care – our focus is on improving the system of care for people with special needs specifically.

Each personal support worker that Ask4Care Support Services Inc. assigns to a person in need of supports, is well-trained in special needs care, both in hospital and in-home settings. With demonstrated expertise in following established care plans by providing physical and emotional assistance, observing and reporting behavioral changes, and ensuring dedicated care to people with special needs during field trips or with transportation to and from appointments, Ask4Care Support Services Inc. is your first choice to acquire continuing care for your loved ones.

Ask4Care Support Services Inc. can quickly and accurately identify your special needs care requirements, and explore and suggest options best suited to your specific situation – all according to the protocols of CCAC (Community Care Access Centres).

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How to Choose a Home Health Care Services

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