Speech-Language Pathologist Hi Mustafa and Stephanie, I really appreciated the opportunity to train Harpreet in person this morning. Thank you again for re-arranging the PSW schedule for today! It was really worth it. Harpreet is intelligent and willing, and we covered a lot of ground this morning. I will need to keep switching between her and Inderjit, in order to keep them both at the same level. Inderjit is a wonderful PSW, and I know that she communicates with Harpreet on a regular basis. But, when it comes to training for language, cognition, voice-output device use, and motor-speech, I believe that direct training with the S-LP is best, whenever possible. To this end, I was wondering if Harpreet could be assigned to mornings when possible? It would be great for SD to get the consistency of care, and also the consistency of having a well-trained PSW, whenever possible. Thank you so much if this can be done!

Zely B.

Speech-Language Pathologist