We highly promote professional training, which is why every single one of our caregivers will excel in every task.

At ASK4CARE SUPPORT SERVICES INC., we strongly believe that a well-trained workforce is an efficient workforce and can deliver quality support more confidently to the person(s) being supported.

We offer a large assortment of trainings on a need-basis as per client requirements or situations.

We have partnered with leading schools, colleges, and institutes to provide these trainings not only online and in-house but also at subsidized rates, so our personnel are ready and able to work within the possible shortest turnaround times.

We provide this training to our staff at no extra cost to the client. All our support personnel come with the following (minimum qualifications/certifications): Valid CPR and First Aid certificate, Police check or vulnerable sector screening depending on where they will be working, PSW diploma/certificate, and Valid Photo ID.

Additional trainings on per-requirement or client-needs assessment basis could include in the basic training listed above which are:

  • Medical Pharmacology
  • NVCI (non-violent crisis intervention)
  • CPI (crisis prevention intervention)
  • Safe Management
  • Dialysis training
  • Diabetes training – insulin administration
  • Wheel Chair Van Training
  • QAM (Quality Assurance Measures)
  • Fire Safety
  • Food Handler Certification

ASK4CARE SUPPORT SERVICE INC. aims to educate and improve its health workforce, so we offer the above-mentioned training programmes to our staff, which include pre-health sciences, nursing, and community health worker training at the undergraduate level, as well as graduate-level training in public health and medicine, medical residency programmes, and continuing medical education. Through these medical and healthcare training programmes, our staff gets high-quality training and becomes skilled, so they can provide quality care to patients.


One of ASK4CARE SUPPORT SERVICES INC. best training programmes is medical pharmacology. Key components of this training programme encompass conducting and interpreting clinical research, including clinical trials; optimising the therapeutic use of pharmaceuticals; identifying and analysing adverse drug effects; contributing to the assessment of medicines; and managing poisoning. Through this training programme, our staff is able to help patients become aware of all clinical aspects and cope with drug addiction’s aftereffects. NVCI (non-violent crisis intervention) and CPI (crisis prevention intervention) are two top-notch training programmes at Ask4Care. These training programmes particularly emphasise developing decision-making skills to match the level of the response to the risk of the crisis, with a focus on the least restrictive response, as well as recognising the phases of an increasing crisis and methods based on evidence to appropriately de-escalate. We also offer many other training programmes like safe management, dialysis training, diabetes training (insulin administration), and wheel chair van training. These programmes enable our staff to take care of patients in the best possible way.

Our learning programmes are not just a cluster of courses; they are based on competence, skillfully crafted, cost-free for our staff, and easy to get training for. The key aspect of our training programmes is to reduce stigma among professional staff so that patients get the care and treatment they need from members of our professional team.