No one wants to leave the house of their dream build with utmost love. A place where you have seen your kids growing up and thousands of beautiful memories to cherish. Moreover, it involves an emotional process as you might feel the loss of independence moving to a different place.  However, as a person ages, the complexities with deteriorating health and the need for complete care compels you to move to an assisted living for seniors. Assisted living care does not seem to look like a hospital ward to add further mental stress. Despite the reasons your loved one is moving to an assisted facility, you can decorate their room to give a home-like feel where they can have comfort and peace. 

Learn the rules

Before setting up the room for your loved ones, make sure to talk with the authorities first about the things you need to change or add. Some assisted living for seniors has some limitations about placing the furniture, electronic items, and some of the other stuff due to one or more reasons. On the other hand, some encourage you to bring home items of your loved ones to build a more comfortable space for them. Knowing these rules will help you to plan accordingly.

Add a Splash of Color

In assisted living centres, the walls are generally painted in dull light colours giving you the freedom to add colors of your loved one’s choice. Colors affect your personality and mind. Get to know your loved one’s favourite color and paint the walls likewise to give them a fresh feel. 

Decorate with familiar furniture

One of the best ways to make your loved one feel like home is to bring their most used furniture pieces to assisted living. This can include a bed, side table, nightstand, and a hook where they are used to hanging their clothes. If you cannot manage to bring those, make sure to buy them to give a comfortable feel. You can also make a sitting area apart from the bed where your loved one can carry out their hobby. 

Favourite Bedding, Pillows and Comforters

These are the essential things your loved one are used to of having them at home. Bring all of these favourite stuff to assisted living, so that they can feel they are sitting at their place. Besides this, adding different colours and patterns of pillows and comforters will give an overall nice look to the room. 

Art Pieces and Photographs

Photographs represent the memories you have made in your life with your loved ones. You can display a frame of photographs in your loved one room so that they can cherish those moments at any time. They are also the best decorative idea to make a room look beautiful. Art pieces are your assets and they move everywhere with you. Hanging your loved one’s favourite art pieces in their room will give them the most familiar feel. You can also make a photo album for them having the photos of their pets and family members which they can show at the community to introduce them. 

Don’t forget Scent

Fragrance reminding you of the home is the best feeling ever. Moving to a different place, do not forget to bring the scent they used to like at home e.g., flowers, scented plugins, and candles. However, some assisted care facilities do not allow candles due to safety issues but you can bring your loved one’s favourite flowers and scented plugins. 

Space for Hobbies

At assisted living centers, there are activities and events scheduled for elderly people. However, this does not mean they are not allowed to carry out their favourite hobbies. As you set a corner for their sitting, make sure to incorporate their hobby tools and items there. Also, their room should be organized and not cluttered to give them comfortable space.

Bring Snacks they Love

One of the deepest regrets your loved ones have is that they feel deprived of the things they can easily get at home. Do not overlook this thing. Make sure you bring their favourite snacks and magazines so that they do not feel the loss of their freedom. 

Make them Visit Beforehand

Now, this is essential to introduce your loved one to the place they are moving to beforehand. Once they will meet their caregiver and the space you have build for them, they will feel more confident in moving there. You can also ask the center to let your loved one participate in any event before so that they can feel comfortable moving in there. 

Final Words

Moving to an assisted facility is not easy for you and your loved ones. However, knowing that they need care you have to take this step. As everyone has their style and taste, you can set up their space according to their choice. Adding their favorite items and familiar essentials will help them settle more quickly. Ask4Care is an assisted living in Toronto that provides this facility for your loved one. We assure you to take care of your loved one in all the best possible ways.

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