Covid-19 had a profound negative impact on the job market as the economy of Canada was forced to shut down to prevent the further spread of this deadly virus. During the height of the crisis, there were significant job losses as more than 2 million jobs were lost in Canada as pointed out by Statistics Canada (Canada lost nearly 2 million jobs in April amid COVID-19 crisis: Statistics Canada | CBC News, 2020). The unemployment rate soared to 13 percent at the height of the pandemic and many Canadians were left with no option but to look to the government support (Canada lost nearly 2 million jobs in April amid COVID-19 crisis: Statistics Canada | CBC News, 2020).

Organizations like Ask4Care Support Services Inc. were hiring temporary staff during the pandemic to help alleviate the staffing concerns of our various clients including Home Care Assistance, Long Term Care Homes Services, Home Health Care Services, retirement residences, Home Care Service, group homes, etc. during this pandemic. Several hospitals, Long Term Care, and other similar facilities also hired directly many front-line staff including PSW, RPN, RN, among other front-line workers. During the height of the pandemic, staffing organizations were also required to follow stringent government guidelines like staff can only work at one healthcare setting (Long Term Care, Retirement Residence, etc.) in order to stop the spread of the virus (DeClerk, 2020).

Our Staffing Concerns For Various Clients Including Home Care Assistance & Long Term Care Services

Throughout the pandemic, requirements came coming in for staffing from various clients and Ask4Care Support Services Inc. had its doors open for new front-line workers to join our dedicated team of front-line service providers like Home Care Assistance, Long Term Care Homes Services, and Home Health Care Services, etc. This was done while keeping in mind the daily updates from the government so as to control the spread of the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus. The dedicated frontline workers worked day and night to fight this virus and were also faced with multiple challenges that came their way. The full-cycle recruitment process was quite smooth for these frontline workers but soon they realized that they had to take additional precautions in the workplace such as wearing proper personal protective equipment, ensuring swab test completion (testing negative for Covid-19 and other respiratory diseases), among other mandatory requirements that came during the pandemic. While other sectors saw a decrease in hiring, the healthcare sector (particularly facilities impacted by the virus) saw a growing demand for front-line workers as Canada battled the virus and still continues to do so.

The government at the federal level did role out multiple programs to assist individuals and businesses that were impacted by the virus. Some of these programs included the following: the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) to help those that had been laid odd from work and the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) to help businesses rehire workers by covering 75 percent of employee wages between March and August (Lum, 2020). One of the sectors that were specifically helping out during this pandemic was the healthcare industry which saw a lot of opportunities open up for existing and new staff.

The healthcare sector is constantly facing staffing challenges and this pandemic has highlighted this as well but the positive thing is that organizations like Ask4Care Support Services always give opportunities to deserving individuals. Personal Support Workers, Registered Practical Nurses, Registered nurses among others with a high drive towards professionalism, and ability to work well independently or within a team environment, plus a high level of integrity can also rely on organizations like Ask4Care Support Services Inc. to give them opportunities to work with their various clients. As Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic impact on employment across Canada becomes apparent, you can be reassured that the healthcare sector is always open for business and looking for reliable front-line staff to continue this battle against the virus so as to stop its resurgence.


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