Dementia is a very serious problem that gets worse as time passes. It needs to be treated from the very start to avoid worse circumstances. The signs of dementia include memory loss, confusion and ultimately lead to the inability to do daily activities. People suffering from dementia know that their mind is changing. It is very difficult to convince your parents that they need help and they usually deny the idea of getting help. Even if you ask them to take help from assisted living in toronto rather than moving to an assisted living community, they refuse straightaway. 

As their children, sometimes you also find it hard to engage them at home especially when you have to go out for work. At work too, your mind sticks to their thoughts. In such circumstances, you need to be very patient in convincing them of getting assisted living for seniors to restore their quality of life. You need to find assisted living that encourages freedom along with safety, so they do not feel burdened. The article highlights some of the tips to take into account in convincing your parents for assisted living. 

Try To Understand Their Struggle with Dementia

At late ages, people find it difficult to cope with the natural ageing process. Dementia adds more bitterness to this reality. With the inability to do the daily activities, they start battling with remembering things and confusion. When you will realize what they are going through, it will become much easier for you to find an effective way of convincing them. Give them a picture of what their new residence will look like. Arrange their meeting with the caregiver so that they can choose themselves with the one they feel comfortable with.

Patience is the Key

People suffering from dementia find it hard to concentrate on a conversation for a longer time. You should hold the rope of patience and don’t let it go. Pay careful attention to their talk and if they forget something, don’t frustrate or make them feel guilty of their incompetence. Instead, try to talk about other things and then return to the topic again. Then, slowly make up their mind that they need help from assisted living to resume their daily activities. Involve them in the procedure by asking questions so they do not feel that they are being buried under forced decision. Do they want assisted living facility at home or move to a community? At what time do they find it comfortable to move?

Set Up the Place with Familiar Things

Whether your loved one is getting assistance at home or in a community, it is very important to set up the room with the things they are familiar with. As the dementia person forgets things more often, surrounding them with familiar things will reduce their stress in a new environment. These things include the comforter they take, pictures of family members and others that they instantly take notice of. The assisted living community centres also take into account these things to better cope up with the disease. In addition, make sure their room is well-organized rather than being cluttered to reduce confusion.

Give Time to the Whole Process

Everything done on time saves you from bad situations. Dealing with dementia patients requires even more safety measures. While you are away at work, a parent with dementia have thousands of daily things to do which they cannot do alone. In such time, you could start with hiring a caregiver to accompany your parent. He can accompany your loved one to coffee, morning walks, appointments to doctors and even grocery. They will become comfortable with the caregiver as a companion. Then, later you could ask them to have him as your caregiver companion even at home. 

Time Matters the Most

People suffering from dementia also face mood swings. Sometimes they feel good other times bad. You need to take notice of the time they feel good. This is the right time to talk to them and introduce them to the caregiver. If you are setting up a place for them, make sure to make all the necessary arrangements and then introduce the place to them. And if you are arranging their meetings with the caregiver, consider it doing when they are in a good mood. 

Reminiscence board and Music

The verbal problem often happens to be the worst thing to a dementia person. Hence, it also hinders the caregiver to get to know them. If you are moving your parent to an assisted living for seniors, make sure to take a picture board of all your family members. In that, mention a little description about them with their hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Give it to a caregiver beforehand so that he can help your parent in a better way when he struggles with remembering a thing. Music is very healing, try to play your parent’s favorite music lists to keep their mood happy. 

Final Words

Moving your parents to assisted living for seniors is a very hard choice but you have to opt for it for their good. Even if you arrange assisted living at home, your parent refuses it. Taking into account the above-mentioned tips, you can make it easier for you as well as your parent suffering from dementia.

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