Healthcare screeners play an important role within Long Term Care, Home Care Assistance, retirement residence, Home Health Care Services and other facilities in helping to ensure that these facilities remain free from the deadly impacts of any respiratory viruses and diseases. As a Healthcare screener within these healthcare settings such as long-term care during the pandemic, you do become part of the nursing team and in most cases report directly to the Director of Care of the organization or maybe a registered nurse or member of the nursing team. This position can be either full time or part-time or casual and enable you to get valuable work experience in the home healthcare workplace.

Health Care Services

The Health Care Services screener will usually follow a rotating schedule and must work every other day on the weekday or weekend or as required by the client.  What is usually great about this position is that the schedule is provided well in advance so that the healthcare screener can work as per their availability. This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the healthcare sector as it even allows for a recent high school graduate to gain much-needed experience in the sector and make an informed decision about their future in healthcare – whether they want to pursue a career as a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), Personal Support Worker (PSW) or other related careers in the college or university level.

Health Care Services

The following are some of the key components within a home Health Care Services setting that can make healthcare screeners successful and are being highly sought after by organizations during the pandemic (Covid-19).

  1. Strong communication skills with all internal and external shareholders – this includes both verbal and oral communication.
  2. Provide information with respect to health and safety protocol and use of PPE (personal protective equipment) as per World Health Organization guidelines or as per the policies of the nursing home, group home, Long Term Care, or other healthcare settings.
  3. Ensuring that the applicable parties within the healthcare setting are following guidelines as they pertain to social distancing: a 2-meter distance, proper wearing of PPE, masks, and gloves as required.
  4. The ability to ask all those that are coming with the facility a series of COVID-19 screening questions which may help to make an informed decision about whether or not it is safe for the individual(s) to enter the building.
  5. Proper use of thermometers to check temperatures on not only the staff but also those entering the long-term care or home healthcare facility to ensure that they do not have any symptoms related to the virus.
  6. Identify the number of individuals that do enter and leave the facility as required and note down this number somewhere for future reference.
  7. Carrying out administrative duties as required by the director or nursing team.
  8. Technical abilities may also be required for the role such as using Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook), Internet Explorer as required.
  9. Other duties may also be required!

As can be seen, the above-related qualifications are all essential for success within the healthcare sector as a healthcare screener. Organizations such as Ask4Care Support Services Inc. are always looking for qualified healthcare screeners to work within its setting and become part of their exciting team of qualified staff. Several long-term cares, group homes, retirement residences, and other facilities are looking for qualified screeners at this time as the pandemic has got everyone thinking about safety. If you are a qualified healthcare screener and have the ability to make a difference within the healthcare sector during this time of the pandemic, then you need not look further than organizations like Ask4Care Support Services Inc. to utilize this opportunity to become part of a great team and also make a difference in the Health Care Services system of Canada by availing this great opportunity while gaining valuable work experience!

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