Long term care includes giving people a number of services that are designed to help a person’s health and well-being. This long term care can be used in many cases, e.g., after a patient has been discharged from hospital, can be used for older people who are suffering from a chronic illness and are not able to look after themselves, it can also be given to people with disabilities. These services ensure that the individual lives in a safe and caring environment and their mental and physical well-being is as healthy as possible, especially when they may not be able to carry out tasks for themselves.

Types of Long Term Care Services

The kind of long term care needed is dependent on factors like age, gender, and lifestyle. Highly skilled nurses and caregivers provide the best care for individuals taking into account their comfort, safety, and well-being. Long term care comes in many forms including nursing homes, home care, or adult daycare centers. This is all subject to the individual they are is being given for and their circumstances. A common type of long term facility provided is personal home care which often occurs when people are at homecare. This type of care involves a little assistance from a caregiver to be able to carry out tasks like bathing, dressing, eating, and moving around. A community can work together to provide facilities for free to vulnerable members of our society. Examples could be providing meals and adult daycare for free. Long term care is often needed particularly when an individual is suffering from a chronic disease. The need for long term care can be sudden in cases where someone might have had a heart attack or a stroke which led to paralysis.

Long Term Care Services

When having to decide which type of Long term care facility best suits the needs of an individual, there are mainly 2 options, either home care assistance or nursing homes. Both have their own advantages. Homecare has benefits like the individual receiving treatment from the comfort of their own home and not having to adjust to a completely new environment, they can be more frequently visited by their friends and family, flexibility with when they chose to wake up, there is greater independence for the person in care which means they can continue to carry out tasks like bathing and dressing by themselves but can also be assisted if needed, in some cases, it can often be cheaper than nursing homes.

Home Care Assistance

Care homes have benefits like home care assistance with everything on a daily basis, better health care facilities that can be ready to deal with any emergency which arises, increased safety is also a benefit because if the elderly are living alone, they could be prone to fraud and burglary as well as sometimes forgetting to lock doors and windows. Nursing homes provide 24/7 care for patients and the elderly. Trained nurses are supported by care assistants. For people who are in constant need of being supervised, nursing homes are a very appropriate option. A drawback of choosing nursing homes over homecare and other types of services is that they can be costly for some. However, an advantage would be the presence of trained staff who are active and are constantly looking after the patient’s needs and health.

Why You Need Long Term Care?

Long term care facility providers for the elderly and other people work really hard to support and home care facilities them to ensure their mental and physical well-being. Loneliness is one thing that can be very detrimental for people especially the elderly who tend to suffer from it the most in our society. This may be because they are physically not able to go and meet their loved ones. This can take a toll on their health. To reduce the potential harm this can cause, companion care is a service provided which is when a caregiver can sit and talk with the individual, carry out tasks with them and learn new skills. All of this in collaboration with the healthcare provided can bring a positive change in people’s lives who are in long term care.  

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