With age and time, the stress level increases. Seniors start to worry about what will be and how will it be which disturbs the equilibrium between what is demanded of them and the demands they cannot fulfill. In the 20th century, the stress level has increased significantly. Too much stress leaves to burn out which leads to poor health conditions. Stress causes a psychological, physiological and emotional breakdown. However, stress can be controlled by finding out the source of stress and then coping with it with various activities, which we will discuss further. Keep in mind that stress cannot completely disappear for stress also activates the part of our brain, which tells us to fight or flight; to get things done. The stress, which consumes you and burns you out, is what is harmful to you.

Stress can cause:

  • Various chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver and lung ailments.
  • Infertility in both men and women.
  • Stress can lead to accidents and suicide.
  • Sudden weight gain or weight loss.
  • Hair loss and acne.


Stress effects differently to different people; accelerated heartbeat, trouble breathing and focusing, shivering, headache and loss of appetite; similarly different techniques and activities work to relieve stress for different people.

Stress management includes activities and techniques, which can get you out of a stressful situation.

Stress Management techniques

  • Identify the situations, which cause stress.
  • Avoid situations, which cause stress.
  • Change our behaviour to how we perceive a stressful situation.
  • Accept the situation, which you cannot change.

Identify and avoid stressful situations

In order to deal with stress, first, you need to identify the situation which causes you stress. Avoid interactions with the Company of some individuals or the environment that increases your stress level. Some delayed assignments may cause stress by so you need to stop procrastinating and get your work done on time.

Consume Healthy diet

What you eat affects your body and mind, therefore, taking essential nutrients and keeping your body healthy. If you are healthy and fit, there is more chance for you to fight the stress and live a better-relaxed life.

Physical activities

Keeping oneself physically active and healthy will definitely help in the reduction of stress burn out. Try out different exercises and see what fits you well. Yoga and breathing exercises can reduce stress significantly and the habit of it provides your mind to retrieve in a relaxed position to deal with stressful situations. Exercises such as cardio, running etc. can tone your body and give you a fit healthy body to conquer stress.

Talk it out

To many people talking with a close friend or family member takes the burden off their shoulders. Therefore, try to talk about what is disturbing you with your loved ones, they may or may not be able to help but you will definitely feel lighter and lift the weight off you.

If you do not feel like talking it out with someone then you can write it down. Journaling is another way to relieve your stress. Sometimes writing it down, you yourself may find a solution to your problem.


When you are old, you might feel like you have a lot of free time so in such a case, we advise you to dive back into your hobbies. Do what you love to do, it can be reading books, painting, sketching or playing games. Hobbies can relieve stress for one they make you indulge yourself in the activity that you forget about your troubles and once you finish, it will give you a feeling of accomplishment.