Personal care services, which are sometimes referred to as non-medical or private responsibility, assist persons while remaining safe, independent, and active in enriching their lives. It is often this kind of in-home assistance that enables individuals to avoid relocating to a costlier and less appealing environment.

In this article we will try to learn the complete concept of personal care services, what are the major services provided under the umbrella of personal care services Toronto.

Companionship and aid with day-to-day tasks are examples of this daily life (ADLs). Routine actions that individuals do regularly are known as “activities of daily life.” Eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring (walking), and continence is some of the most common ADLs. The ability to complete these ADLs is a significant element of determining what kind of assistance is required. Most of the time, these services are offered to elderly people who might benefit from a little more assistance, but they can also include more extensive assistance, such as round-the-clock care or even a live-in arrangement.

These services can also be used as a form of respite for someone who is caring for a loved one. When family caregivers’ hands are full, they often recruit the assistance of someone else – whether a friend, sibling, or hired professional – to assist with certain duties. Overworked family caregivers in need of a break might benefit greatly from the assistance of an Interim professional.

Companionship in Personal Care Services

Activities for Enrichment Individuals must be kept safe and independent throughout the interim period. HealthCare is intended to assist elders in living lives that are safe, independent, and enriching. This program, which is tailored to the needs of each person, focuses on the mind, body, soul, and family, and offers several services that go above and beyond the typical assistance that many home care firms provide.

Treatment Reminders Can Reduce Hospitalization

Approximately four out of every five persons are now taking at least one medicine, and over one-third of adults are taking more than four prescriptions at the same time. It can be difficult to remember to take prescriptions on time, particularly for the elderly. Interim Care Professionals can help elders read labels and remember to take their meds.

Personal Care Services with laundry saves energy.

Seniors can frequently save energy for other vital duties by having Interim Care Professionals assist with laundry washing, drying, and putting away. These services are sometimes performed at the client’s house, while other times they are supplied in a laundromat.

Personal Care Services keeps things organized and avoids unnecessary accidents.

Keeping up with household chores can be difficult for many seniors. While Interim HealthCare is not a maid service, Care Professionals are capable of doing modest housekeeping tasks such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping floors, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, Care Professionals assist with arranging drawers and closets and ensuring that items are tidied up to minimize slips and falls.

Meal Preparation

Nutrition is critical, and assisting seniors in preparing healthful meals is sometimes the additional assistance they want. Many seniors are unable to eat a healthy meal, and some even engage in culinary activities to participate in as much or as little as their abilities and desire allow. Often, just having someone with whom to share a meal makes a considerable impact.


Many seniors have difficulty traveling to the store, picking up medicines, doing shopping, going to the beauty parlor, and getting to medical visits. Although we are not a taxi, ambulance, or limousine service, many Interim HealthCare locations provide transportation in combination with other personal care and support services. Interim HealthCare assists in providing the additional assistance that can make a significant difference in the health and well-being of elders.

Customized Personal Care Services

Interim HealthCare’s service model includes tailoring treatment to each client’s specific requirements. It might range from a few hours per week to full-time care. Clients can choose live-in home care, which means that an Interim HealthCare Care Professional will reside in the client’s home and offer in-home care daily. The services provided can differ based on the client’s requirements. By offering live-in services, the client and family members receive peace of mind knowing that someone is in the client’s home with them.

24-Hour Home Care Services

Sometimes customers demand 24-hour services. Depending on the situation, Interim HealthCare can arrange for specialized service providers to work in shifts. Unattended clients with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia-related diseases are often given this form of ongoing in-home care.

Personal Care Services Toronto Provide Break for Family Caregivers

Respite care allows caregivers to take a break from their everyday routine. It can help a family caregiver release stress, regain energy, and maintain the required balance in their lives. Interim HealthCare can give the required assistance and respite, whether for a few hours or a well-deserved holiday. 

Physical Assistance for Seniors in Personal Home Care

Transferring and Moving 

Moving and positioning clients in good posture promotes health, safety, and optimum functioning. Healthy moving and situating from or into beds and chairs lowers pressure regions on the skin, reduces muscular weakness and stiffness, and promotes proper breathing and digestion

Bathing and Hygiene for Older Adults

Seniors can need assistance with bathing and basic hygiene. These services are essential to the client’s physical well-being and often influence their emotional well-being. Being clean and having a more appealing appearance might offer elders a fresh perspective and aid in the reduction of anxiety.

Personal Home Care Help in Feeding

Whether as a consequence of an accident or another medical condition, some persons can need help with self-feeding. Interim HealthCare’s certified Care Professionals can give the essential assistance and ensure that every attempt is made to understand the customer and the situation he or she is facing.

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