I need a caregiver for my mother that has recently been diagnosed with Alzhiemers, she turns 87 this month – what do I do?

You pick up the phone and call ASK4CARE SUPPORT SERVICES INC. one of our representatives will start jotting down points pertaining to a rough map of the care plan your mum would need. We term this as a “Need’s Analysis”, once we have the necessary information we will tell you how many hours of service your mum needs a day/week/month. If you concur we send out an intake form that you sign and send back to us. We then check our state of the art CRM to search for a suitable care-giver for your mum.

I need a caregiver for myself, what do I do?

You dial our number and we walk you through the process of filling out an intake form and then having us check our records for a suitable caregiver based on the information you have shared with us.

Section What are your rates?

Our rates are market competitive and we provide a “PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE” if you can prove to us that our competitors are offering you a lower rate for similar service we will match and then beat that rate.

Does OHIP cover your expenses?

OHIP does not cover the services we offer, however you may check with your insurance provider as we are linked to several insurance companies that offer a specific coverage for support and respite care to their policy holders.

Does my insurance plan cover expenses for your services?

This is information best conveyed to you by your insurance broker – we do work with several insurance companies that have coverage for respite and support care, however due to the large number of insurance brokers and corporations out there we cannot guarantee that every single one of them is on our list.

Will I get the caregiver I want?

We will always match the most ideal caregiver with the client based on the client daignoses as well as the specific skill-set, ethinicity, language etc conveyed to us by the client while placing the service request – the more information you give us, the easier it is for us to find a match.

I need care but I am not comfortable letting a complete stranger into my house, what do i do?

We totally understand and wouldn’t let a stranger into our home either!! However, our caregivers are not strangers, they are hand-picked industry veterans that go through several vetting processes, some of which include vulnerable sector police screening/police check, interviews and reference checks. We are also fully insured and bonded.

What if I don’t like the caregiver you sent me and the shift is already half done?

We guarantee the services we provide and the high standards of quality we live by. If this situation were to ever occur we would discuss the issue with the client and then based on the feedback given and the situation we would replace the care-giver and not charge for the shift.

Does all your staff have valid PSW certificates?

Every single staff on our database has a valid and recognized Personal Support Worker diploma or higher before they can begin work at ASK4CARE SUPPORT SERVICES INC.

Do you provide your staff with trainings?

Our staff come with basic trainings and the standard are CPR and FIRST AID and CPI – additional trainings may be added on client request with no extra cost to the client.