Community Care Access Centres provide care to a deserving individual once they have conducted a thorough assessment of the care needs of the individual.

Personal funding:

Wait times can be long and the hours of care determined by CCAC coordinators may be much lesser than expected by the family or individual requesting care.
If you want to make specific care choices for your loved ones ASK4CARE offers you the flexibility to choose from a huge array of personal support workers based on “specifics” such as gender, ethnicity, language, experience and the list goes on….

Private Insurance Plans:

The amount of care an insurance company will provide depends on the Insurance policy you have. We urge you to choose your insurance plans wisely and always read and understand its terms so you wont be disappointed when the time comes to use it.


The workplace safety and insurance board based on severity of the incident and duration of healing advised will pay for support services if and when required.

Ministry of Child and Youth Services:

– Special Services at home, the special services at home program helps families that are caring for a child with physical or mental disabilities at home. Funded and managed by ministry of community and social services.
– There are 20 ministry-funded children’s treatment centers across Ontario that provide rehabilitation services to more than 58,000 children and youth with moderate or severe disabilities and other special needs every year.

ODSP (Ontario Disabilities Support Program):

Aids individuals that meet the definition of “individuals with a disability” as defined under the ODSP act that require financial assistance with expenses.

Veterans Affairs:

Veterans Affairs Canada provides support and funding to veterans that qualify under their programs.