The feeling of agitation and restlessness is quite general for seniors during the winter season. As Toronto will be facing cold and snow for the next few months, don’t stop your elders from being active during this period. There are a lot of creative activities you can do indoors easily with your loved ones while the snow falls outside everywhere. Studies show that winter does not affect everyone evenly but the older are at increased risk hence these friendly activities will not only engage your elders but, let them out of the feel of depression that is associated with the winter season.

There may be craft-related activities, trying simple recipes, revamping home through easy and trouble-free projects, indoor exercise and last but not the least, engaging with the grandchildren.

Art and Craft Making1

Research says that there is a positive relationship between creativity and a sense of happiness, fine motor skills (hand-eye coordination) and cognitive skills. While the temperature dropping outside, stay easy and relaxed with your creativity indoors. The professional caregivers or even the family members can involve the seniors while giving them a little package of some craft material and decoration items. There are unlimited ideas available online like Pinterest which can be easily accessed.

These craft-related activities can lift your elders’ spirits; get their imagination out while keeping their hands and brain busy. You can fully engage them by making household decorations while listening to their favorite music and enjoying some hot chocolate milk. You can make colorful water luminaries from leftover tissues, yarn baskets and decorating an old family photo album to reminisce about their memories. Here is a list of few links where you can find many ideas for craft making:


Cooking some New and Easy Recipes

As we grow, our taste buds change! At the age of 60 and above it’s a common thing that the sense of taste diminishes. Apart from healthy eating, cooking can be a challenge for the seniors however some easy and nutritious dishes can be tried out with the help of a family member or a professional caregiver from a trusted home care provider. Canada’s Food Guide can be a helpful resource to find and plan easy meals while staying at home.

Organizing and Revamping Home

It is said that winter is the perfect time when you can sort out your closets, home shelves, cupboards and take the plunge to get rid of the unwanted stuff. There are a lot of benefits while you organize your home; the risk of falls can be decreased by reducing muddles, you can find more ideas to redecorate and revamp your house’s look and yes you can donate your unwanted belongings and serve the community. Not only your house will get a fresh look but you will feel refreshed while considering these small tips on de-cluttering.



Light Exercise

Snowing out prevents you to go to the fitness class. No worries! There are a lot of videos and tutorials available online that can help you to do a little exercise while staying at home and even without any equipment. With the help of a trained caregiver, it is possible to manage some indoor exercise; maybe just doing some little dance. Tune on your favorite music and take a few dance steps that will heal your body and mind too. It is imperative to mention here that better speak with your physician about your activity levels before getting started to avoid any kind of injury.

Hosting a Grandchildren Party

Staying indoors and engaging with grandchildren can be amusing and full of excitement. It can be done through a variety of little activities as making seasonal craft with them for some home décor or holiday fun, learn some easy card tricks from them to bring an awful smile on their face and solving some funny riddles together. Trying some tongue twisters can be overwhelming to both seniors and grandchildren. This can be surely a great way to spend your wintertime indoors.

Connection with Nature

Indoor gardening can be an interesting activity for people of all ages. This activity stimulates all of the senses and refreshes our basic connection with nature. For seniors, it’s especially pleasing when this is done with a family member or a compassionate caregiver. In the wintertime, it’s considerably difficult to spend long hours outdoors, nurturing the garden, actually growing and harvesting plants, and flowers! Engaging and caring for indoor plants is a great activity for the elderly. It boosts mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity. Indoor gardening reduces stress, fatigue, sore throats, and colds. It cleans indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen thus enhancing the environment where they spend most of the colder months.

Reading Books

Reading books increases stimulation and does wonder for the mental well-being of the seniors. It reduces stress caused by the colds in the town. Depending on your elder’s cognitive ability, you can read aloud to them or have them done it on their own. It can be an insightful daily activity and relaxing too.

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