Management Satisfaction Survey

Ask4Care is looking for nominations for our management team members in Brampton and Toronto, based on the following categories as part of its internal Employee Recognition Program in keeping with its culture of rewarding service excellence and tenure at the workplace:

Please select your management employee nomination from the options given below:

Stephanie ARina YPamela EKrizia RMustafa YSohaib MRonak PDeepika SSurinder GKalyani J

1.Effective Communication:
Maintains open communication through voice (phone calls) and text (email and sms) and is able to provide a timely solution to all my concerns.


2.Conflict Resolution:
Able to satisfactorily resolve any conflicts that may arise between myself and other staff at the work place.


3.Customer Service:
Provides all-around excellent customer service and goes above and beyond in all aspects of arranging my shift hours professionally on a weekly/ biweekly/ on-call basis as requested by the client.


Demonstrates great professionalism at all times while dealing with all my work related issues in a timely manner.


Additional Comments:

[email protected] thank you for your valuable input and commends you on a job well done – Keep it up!