When looking for care for your loved ones, consider certain factors such as policies and accreditation status. It can be overwhelming to choose the right care, considering so many options. There are a few steps, which you can follow and narrow down your research.

Public and private home care:

There are two options when choosing health care services. One is the public health care funded by the government; these are Health care centers, which are recognized by the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). LHIN based on the required care services reaches out to the organization, which provides health care facilities and makes requests for the delivery of the requirements.

However, if you are looking for immediate health care services that you cannot get from public health care due to long waiting lists. Then you can consider private health care and payout of your own pocket for the services.

Considering all options:

In order to choose the right service provider to consider certain factors:

  • The organization has accreditation such as Accreditation Canada and ISO 9001(Quality Management System) which assures their services are assessed, recognized and verified by the third party authority and they use best practices.
  • It is important to know how long the organization has served in the community with a good reputation. The longer it has served, the more it has contributed to society.
  • The opinions of others who have already availed the services should be considered as well. Look for the reviews and ratings of the service providers. What experiences others have had with them.
  • The organization, which has a contract with LHIN, means that the government assures that it will provide high-quality services.
  • Make a list of the health care facilities, which have the above-mentioned credentials, keeping your needs in mind.

Narrow down the options:

Mindful of your needs now is the time to narrow down the list of service providers. Make calls to the centers and ask for the information about their staff, their timings, and working hours, are they trustworthy, their way of communication and policies. See that they provide confidentiality and privacy policy, customer safety, there are no cases of workplace violence and sexual harassment, well-trained staff to use medical equipment and the clients are well cared for. Look for the website of the certain service provider and search for their complaints and compliments, see what people who have received their services have to say for them. Comparing such reviews can help you choose better.

Cost of Healthcare services:

If you are looking for high-quality services and qualified staff then a high price for the care should not be a problem. For the organizations, which provide the best service providers, they also have high salaries for their staff. Therefore, if for a high price you are getting the best health care facilities then it is worth it. Providing your loved one with high-quality health facilities is more important. However, there are support programs in Canada, which you can look into and see if you are eligible to apply.

Make a checklist of all the requirements, compare your options, and choose the best suited to your needs.