With stinging criticism that is faced by many Long Term Care Facilities in Canada in terms of how they operate, it is important to analyze the alternatives that are available in terms of Home Health Care Services. Long Term Care Facilities in Toronto have been accused of allowing for abuse, neglect, and other similar acts to be carried out uninhibited in their locations. So much so, that the media has picked up on this story and has highlighted it as the main news in both the electronic and print media. As an example, the long-term care system came into the highlight during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic where “physical, mental, and emotional suffering” for seniors is prevalent (Lowrie, 2020). More than 81 percent of the deaths in Canadian long-term care homes represent a much higher number than other countries (Lowrie, 2020).

How Covid-19 Brought Canada’s Long Term Care Facilities Into The Limelight & The Alternative Options You Have To Home Health Care Services For Your Loved Ones

The situation had reached a point where some of the long-term care locations have had to call in the Canadian Armed Forces to help out at the Ontario Long Term Care Facilities homes with various tasks including helping to meet the staffing needs of the facilities (DeClerq, 2020). The situation had reached an alarming proportion as several family members were also kept at bay from visiting loved ones during the height of the global pandemic – COVID-19. This was to protect all parties from the deadly coronavirus. Many seniors spent months not having any visits from their loved ones. It was only in June of 2020 that the government relaxed the rules and regulations regarding visitation at the long-term locations. Outdoor visitations were allowed on the residence’s grounds, one visitor at a time at one location (Momney, 2020).  Another facility allowed for two visitors at a time in the long term care for a 30-minute visit (Momney, 2020). 

The coronavirus pandemic has really shed a negative light on the Long Term Care system in Canada. The alternative people are exploring now is home care assistance. This means a qualified nurse or PSW will come to your home and provide you home care assistance. They will also spend many hours with you on a 1:1 one setting, something which may not always be available in long term care homes. Having this 1:1 on service means that your loved one will be well looked after on a minute to minute basis for as long as you feel it is deemed necessary. This advantage of home health care can’t be ignored as it throws the notion of neglect out of the window since the PSW or nurse is responsible only for looking after your loved one and not multiple people as may be the case in the Long Term Care Facilities.

Home Health Care Services

Home Health Care Services has another advantage in that you sent the number of hours you want to the PSW or nurse to be with you and to look after you as you go about your day to day routine. Another positive of the home healthcare is that your loved one is always with you and you don’t have to be separated from your loved one for months as many had to face during the pandemic that hit the long-term cares and retirement residences. This will help to ensure that you are always familiar with the type of care that your loved one is getting in front of your very eyes without having to second guess the type of care they are receiving. These are important things that cannot be ignored as you explore your options in the post-pandemic world and realize that home healthcare may be the solution you are looking for to keep your loved one safe.


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